Woman Hilariously Trolls Pissed Off Soccer Parents In Group Text

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Christi Lally

It was the best “wrong number” ever

Group texts are basically the worst, amiright? But what would happen if you got roped into one due to a wrong number and had the chance to play the prank of a lifetime?

If you’re this hilarious woman, you take that chance and run with it.

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Christi Lally found herself included on a group text from Coach Juan, a well-meaning soccer coach trying to communicate with a group of 10 parents (aka, NIGHTMARE.) Poor Coach Juan had no clue he had inadvertently roped in Lally due to mistyping a phone number, and she took full advantage of this golden pranking opportunity.

She starts off by stoking the competitive parenting fires and asserting her fictional kid (Lally doesn’t have any children) is the best on the team.

Image via Christi Lally

As is classic with group texts of this variety, many of the parents likely don’t have the numbers of the others stored in their phone, so Lally is able to keep up her schtick for quite a while.

And she does.

Image via Christi Lally

The team is apparently a recreational crew, so one pissy parent calls out Lally’s fake kid for not playing for the fancier team if he’s so great. Obviously, that was by design so he can mentor the weaker players, duh. “I think when he’s older he will realize what a great influence his talent was on the other kids. It’s very noble actually considering he’s been scouted.”


Image via Christi Lally

David Beckham’s for Christmas? She did not come to play, y’all. Lally jokingly mocks both participation trophies and the almighty team snack, which any youth sports parent will defend until their dying day. You didn’t cram goldfish crackers into adorable mason jars for your daughter’s whole soccer team so some other parent could degrade your efforts, THIS IS WAR.

The parents are totally frothed up at this point, because not only has Lally insulted their little champs, she’s insulted their snacks.

Image via Christi Lally

Again, poor Coach Juan.

Looks like she touched a major nerve, but she’s not backing down now. And she’s not kidding about the snacks.

Image via Christi Lally

Yes, they’ve got Lally figured out — she’s only in the youth sports thing for the snacks. This is hysterically funny, but also, disturbing. There are definitely parents out there who will throw down over soccer team drama and we eat it up because, delicious. And also, because this is possibly the best prank text convo of all time.

She wraps up with a serious soccer mic drop.

Image via Christi Lally

Real talk, how many of us have been trapped on an obnoxious group text that goes on forever and addresses only stupid shit, like who will bring juice boxes? Everyone has to respond. Everyone has to weigh in. Your phone won’t stop pinging and you want to throw it in a wood chipper, so no wonder Lally seized the day when she had the chance to make this modern parenting pitfall a bunch of fun.

Lally tells Scary Mommy that most people had a great sense of humor about her little prank, with only a handful taking issue with it. To those few who don’t appreciate the humor behind it she says, “To those upset over this, I wouldn’t even give your snacks to my dog. They suck and you get a participation trophy.”

Of course, she’s joking. But what’s not a joke is that some of the dads on the text were calling her at work (the number was her work cell) so she had to come clean. She texted them all that she hoped the meeting went well and apologized for the “wrong number fiasco.” She ended up blocking all the numbers with one fuming father going as far as saying he’s going to “kick her ass.”

Real nice, buddy.

So the next time you end up in a soccer team group text, know that it will never be as funny as one this woman is involved in. And your snacks won’t be up to snuff either.

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