Woman Stops Doing Everything After Sexist BF Says Men Are Naturally Better

by Cassandra Stone
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Woman Trolls Boyfriend Who Thinks Men Do Some Things Better Than Women

Here’s hoping this girlfriend gave herself the gift of being single after this

When an ‘Am I The Asshole‘ post from Reddit goes viral on all forms of social media, it’s almost a guarantee the poster is a whiny, selfish cishet man who doesn’t understand why people in his life who are not him think he’s extremely wrong about something (and he’s always deeply, truly wrong). This latest case is no exception but it is exceptionally whiny! A boyfriend who readily admits to perpetuating sexist tropes in life and his relationship is complaining about how his girlfriend is “punishing” him by giving him a taste of his own medicine. 10/10 in the trolling department by the woman here, tbh.

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In the now-deleted original post, the man and woman are in their early twenties, so while we’re free to judge because it’s public fodder, let’s just hope this relationship experience is formative for them both. (And also that it ends.) The guy begins by explaining he and his girlfriend have been living together since the beginning of quarantine, and that they both work in predominantly male-dominated fields. During a recent group video chat, Boyfriend said he believes men have a “better knack” for doing “certain types of work” than women do. He said once he realized Girlfriend disagreed (duh), he tried making a “joke” that “men can’t help being smarter” than women in “almost everything” and told her to just get used to it.


When they talked about it later, he doubled down on his misogyny and she, likely becoming fully aware that she’s been living with a fucking prick for several months, decided that if he really felt like “men’s work” is more sacred than the unpaid, exhaustive labor of women in all avenues of life, then he was in for a wake-up call.

“The next day, things started to get really weird,” he explains. “I got a text from my landlady reminding me that rent was due in a few days. My girlfriend is usually the one who deposits the money and I pay her back her share, so I let her know I got the reminder.”

And so begins Trolling Level: Expert.

“She responded by giggling in a really weird way, twirling her hair and batting her eyelids. She told me she’s too dumb to deposit the rent and that finances and math are a ‘man’s job’ so I should do it since I’m obviously going to be smarter at it.”

Girlfriend didn’t stop there — she did stop doing the cooking, cleaning, and laundry though. When Boyfriend whined about her lack of cooking, she told him “most professional chefs are men” (LOL) and said she can’t do laundry because “heavy machinery is a male-dominated field.” Cleaning cannot be done by a woman, because men are “naturally more organized and logical,” so Boyfriend is out of luck there, too.

The internet is, of course, loving this “could be true because it’s so accurate for so many women in cishet relationships, could be not true because it’s almost too on-the-nose” post.

Now, this here is a case of Many Things Can Be True At The Same Time. Is this woman awesome? Yes, and she should be commended as such. Is it frustrating as hell that this young, smart, badass woman is doing all the household labor during a time when they’re both working and at home? YEP. Should she dump his ass after she’s done trolling him? Yes. Did he grow up in a home where his mommy did everything for her Perfect Baby Son until the day he moved out? Probably! Or maybe that’s projecting, who can say?

Either way, this dude got a very literal lesson on how NOT to be. What he does with this education is on him and his Big Dumb Man Brain from here on out.

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