Words That Start With B: Boost Your Brain And Win At Your Next Board Game Night

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Benny boy bakes better biscuits. Say that ten times fast! A bit of a tongue twister, no? The letter B is pretty common (and easy to make words with!), but if you’re trying to win a Scrabble match you probably need to think outside the box a bit. You’ll need to get creative with your B words in order to make the most of this multitasking letter. And while it may not be as splashy as the letter K or letter Z, it’s a Scrabble workhorse like the letter A. So, keep reading for our mega-list of words that start with B. Our list includes 2-letter words, 3-letter words, and 4-letter words that you can use to expand your knowledge and win at your next family game night. Best part? They’re all Scrabble dictionary approved!

When you’re spending time with friends or family, board games are a great way to bond. They’re inexpensive and there’s something for everyone (and every age!). When you play word games, like Scrabble or Boggle, often your brain freezes up and you blank on word choices available to you. That’s a common, albeit annoying, problem. It’s frustrating to stare at your Scrabble tiles — or other game pieces — and not know what word to play. We’ve got a list full of words you’ve probably never heard of before. Despite their obscurity, they might just be your ticket to winning the game. You can also take these words and impress your kids with your brand new super big vocabulary! Let our list be a resource when your brain needs a bit of a boost.

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Here’s our ever-growing collection of words that start with B. Read ‘em and (don’t!) weep. And don’t forget to bookmark this list!

2-Letter Words That Start With B

ba, be, bi, bo, by

3-Letter Words That Start With B

baa, bad, bag, bah, bal, bam, ban, bap, bar, bas, bat, bay, bed, bee, beg, bel, ben, bes, bet, bey, bib, bid, big, bin, bio, bis, bit, biz, boa, bob, bod, bog, boo, bop, bos, bot, bow, box, boy, bra, bro, brr, bub, bud, bug, bum, bun, bur, bus, but, buy, bye, bys

4-Letter Words That Start With B

baal, baas, baba, babe, babu, baby, bach, back, bade, bads, baff, bags, baht, bail, bait, bake, bald, bale, balk, ball, balm, bals, bams, banc, band, bane, bang, bani, bank, bans, baps, barb, bard, bare, barf, bark, barm, barn, bars, base, bash, bask, bass, bast, bate, bath, bats, batt, baud, bawd, bawk, bawl, bawn, bays, bazz, bead, beak, beal, beam, bean, bear, beat, beau, beck, beds, bedu, beef, been, beep, beer, bees, beet, begs, bell, bels, belt, bema, bend, bene, bens, bent, berg, berk, berm, best, beta, beth, bets, bevy, beys, bhut, bias, bibb, bibe, bibs, bice, bide, bidi, bids, bier, biff, bigs, bike, bile, bilk, bill, bima, bind, bine, bing, bins, bint, biog, bios, bird, birk, birl, birr, bise, bish, bisk, bite, bits, bitt, bize, blab, blae, blag, blah, blam, blat, blaw, bleb, bled, blet, blew, blin, blip, blob, bloc, blog, blot, blow, blub, blue, blur, boar, boas, boat, bobo, bobs, bock, bode, bods, body, boff, bogs, bogy, boho, boil, bola, bold, bole, boll, bolo, bolt, bomb, bond, bone, bong, bonk, bony, boob, book, boom, boon, boor, boos, boot, bops, bora, bore, bork, born, bort, bosh, bosk, boss, bota, both, bots, bott, bout, bowl, bows, boxy, boyo, boys, bozo, brad, brae, brag, bran, bras, brat, braw, bray, bred, bree, bren, brew, brie, brig, brim, brin, brio, bris, brit, broo, bros, brow, brrr, brut, brux, bubo, bubs, bubu, buck, buds, buff, bugs, buhl, buhr, bulb, bulk, bull, bumf, bump, bums, buna, bund, bung, bunk, bunn, buns, bunt, buoy, bura, burb, burd, burg, burk, burl, burn, burp, burr, burs, bury, bush, busk, buss, bust, busy, bute, buts, butt, buys, buzz, byes, byre, byrl, byte

5-Letter Words That Start With B

baaed, baals, baaps, baars, baath, babas, babbs, babby, babee, babel, babes, babis, babka, bable, baboo, babul, babus, bacas, bacca, bacco, baccy, bacha, bache, bachs, backs, bacne, bacon, bacup, badam, baddy, baden, badge, badiu, badly, baels, baffs, baffy, bafta, bafts, bafut, bagel, bages, baggs, baggy, baghs, bagie, bague, bahai, bahar, bahes, bahia, bahls, bahms, bahts, bahut, baigs, baiks, baila, baile, bails, baird, bairn, bairs, baisa, baiso, baith, baits, baiza, baize, bajaj, bajan, bajau, bajra, bajri, bajus, bakar, baked, baken, baker, bakes, bakra, bakri, balas, balds, baldy, baled, baler, bales, balkh, balks, balky, balla, balls, bally, balms, balmy, baloo, balor, balot, balsa, balus, balut, balvi, bamar, bamas, bambi, bames, bammy, bamum, bank, banal, bana, banat, banco, bancs, banda, bandh, bando, bands, bandy, baned, banes, banff, bangs, bangy, banhs, bania, banjo, banke, banks, banns, banos, bants, bantu, banty, bantz, banya, bapus, barak, barber, barbs, barby, barbz, barca, barde, bardo, bards, bardy, bared, baren, barer, bares, barfi, barfs, barge, baria, baric, brake, barks, barky, barms, barmy, barns, barny, baron, baros, barps, barra, barre, barro, barry, barth, Barts, bancs, banda, bandh, bando, bands, bandy, baned, banes, banff, bangs, bangy, banhs, bania, banjo, banke, banks, banns, banos, bants, bantu, banty, bantz, banya, bapus, barak, barber, barbs, barby

6-Letter Words That Start With B

baaing, baalim, baases, babacu, babble, babels, babied, babier, babies, babkas, babool, baboon, baboos, babuls, baccae, bached, baches, backed, backer, backup, bacons, bacula, badder, baddie, badged, badger, badges, badman, badmen, baffed, baffle, bagass, bagels, bagful, bagged, bagger, baggie, bagman, bagmen, bagnio, baguet, bagwig, baidar, bailed, bailee, bailer, bailey, bailie, bailor, bairns, baited, baiter, baizas, baizes, bakers, bakery, baking, balata, balboa, balded, banker, bankit, banned, banner, bannet, bantam, banter, banyan, banzai, baobab, barbal, barbed, barbel, barber, barbes, barbet, barbie, barbot, barbut, barcas, barded, bardes, bardic, barege, barely, barest, barfed, barfis, barfly, barged, bargee, barges, barhop, baring, barite, barium, barked, barker, barley, barlow, barman, barmen, barmie, barned, barney, barong, barons, barony, barque, barred, barrel, barren, barres, barret, barrio, barrow

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