An Epic (Growing!) List Of Words That Start With E For Word Wizards And Scrabble Champs

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words that start with e
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You’re looking to score a big Scrabble win? Excellent! Scrabble isn’t all fun and games, though. No, it’s serious business. And we’ve got you covered. Today, we’re sharing a mega list of words that start with E. You may be wondering…why E? Well, E may be low in point value, but it sure is a workhorse. Count how many Es you see in this paragraph so far. We’ll wait. Yep, there are a lot. That’s because the letter E is both versatile and plentiful. Best part? The words on our list are all Scrabble dictionary approved. Bookmark this page and keep it handy during your next family game night. While you’re at it, check out our letter A selection and our letter B list, too.

Whether you’re a spelling bee champ or a board game maestro, our growing list of words that start with E is just what you need. You’ll expand your vocabulary and impress your network with your awesome new word skills. We’ve got 2-letter words, 3-letter words, 4-letter words, and 5-letter words (and more) organized into easy-to-read subcategories below. Be sure to keep checking back because our list is frequently updated.

Ready to be crowned Scrabble queen or king? If so, read on.

Let’s get started.

2-Letter Words That Start With E

ed, ef, eh, el, em, en, er, es, et, ew, ex

3- Letter Words That Start With E

ear, eat, eau, ebb, eco, ecu, edh, eds, eek, eel, eew, eff, efs, eft, egg, ego, eke, eld, elf, elk, ell, elm, els, eme, emo, ems, emu, end, eng, ens, eon, era, ere, erg, ern, err, ers, ess, est, eta, eth, eve, ewe, eye

4-Letter Words That Start With E

each, earl, earn, ears, ease, east, easy, eath, eats, eaux, eave, ebbs, ebon, eche, echo, echt, ecos, ecru, ecus, eddo, eddy, edge, edgy, edhs, edit, eeew, eels, eely, eery, effs, efts, egad, egal, eger, eggs, eggy, egis, egos, eide, eked, ekes, ekka, elan, elds, elhi, elks, ells, elms, elmy, else, emes, emeu, emic, emir, emit, emos, emus, emyd, ends, engs, enol, enow, envy, eons, epee, epha, epic, epos, eras, ergo, ergs, erne, erns, eros, errs, erst, eruv, eses, esne, espy, esse, ests, etas, etch, eths, etic, etna, etui, euro, even, ever, eves, evil, ewer, ewes, exam, exec, exed, exes, exit, exon, expo, eyas, eyed, eyen, eyer, eyes, eyne, eyra, eyre, eyry

5-Letter Words That Start With E

eager, eagle, eagre, eared, earls, early, earns, earth, eased, easel, easer, eases, easts, eaten, eater, eaved, eaves, ebbed, ebbet, ebons, ebony, ebook, eched, eches, echos, eclat, ecrus, edema, edged, edger, edges, edict, edify, edile, edits, educe, educt, eejit, eensy, eerie, egads, egers, egest, eggar, egged, egger, egret, eider, eidos, eight, eikon, eject, ejido, eking, ekkas, elain, eland, elans, elate, elbow, elder, elect, elegy, elemi, elfin, elide, elint, elite, eloin, elope, elude, elute, elven, elver, elves, email, embar, embay, embed, ember, embow, emcee, emeer, emend, emerg, emery, emeus, emics, emirs, emits, emmer, emmet, emoji, emote, empty, emyde, emyds, enact, enate, ended, ender, endow, endue, enema, enemy, enjoy, ennui, enoki, enols, enorm, enows, enrol, ensky, ensue, enter, entia, entry, enure, envoi, envoy, enzym, eosin, epact, epees, ephah, ephas, ephod, ephor, epics, epoch, epode, epoxy, equal, eques, equid, equip, erase, erect, ergot, erica, ernes, erode, erose, erred, error, erses, eruct, erugo, erupt, eruvs, ervil, escar, escot, eskar, esker, esnes, essay, esses, ester, estop, etape, ether, ethic, ethos, ethyl, etics, etnas, etude, etuis, etwee, etyma, euros, evade, evens, event, evert, every, evict, evils, evite, evoke, ewers, exact, exalt, exams, excel, execs, exert, exile, exine, exing, exist, exits, exome, exons, expat, expel, expos, extol, extra, exude, exult, exurb, eyass, eyers, eying, eyras, eyres, eyrie, eyrir

6-Letter Words That Start With E

eaddys, eadies, eadish, eagens, eagers, eagled, eagles, eaglet, eagres, eakers, eakins, eakles, ealeys, ealing, eaning, earbob, earbud, earcon, earded, earful, earing, earlap, earles, early, earned, earner, earset, earths, earthy, earwax, earwig, easels, easily, easers, eashes, easier, easier, easing, easles, easley, easons, eassel, eassil, easted, easter, eastie, easton, eatage, eatche, eaters, eatery, eateth, either, eathly, eating, ebarbs, eBayed, ebayer, ebbets, ebbing, eblens, ebners, ebonic, ebooks, ebrons, ecarte, ecbole, eccles, ecesic, ecesis, echard, eching, echini, echium, echoed, echoer, echoes, echoey, echoic, eckels, eckian, eckist, eclair, eclats, close, econut, ecowas, ectomy, ectopy, ectors, ectype, ecurie, eczema, eddaic, eddied, eddies, eddish, eddoes, edemas, edenic, edessa, edgers, edgier, edgily, edging, edgins, edible, edicks, edicts, ediles, edirne, edison, edited, editor, edlers, eerier, eerily, efface, effect, effete, effigy, effing, efflux, effort, effuse, egesta, egests, eggcup, eggers, egging, eggnog, egises, egoism, egoist, egress, egrets, eiders, eidola, eighth, eights, eighty, eikons, either, ejecta, ejects, ejidos, ekuele, elance, elands, elapid, elapse, elated, elater, elates, elbows, elders, eldest, elects, elegit, elemis, eleven, elevon, elfins, elfish, elicit, elided, elides, elints, elisor, elites, elixir, ellipt, elodea, eloign, eloins, eloped, eloper, elopes, eluant, eluate, eluded, eluder, eludes, eluted, elutes, eluvia, elvers, elvish, elytra, emails, embalm, embank

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