Hundreds Of Words That Start With O To Help You Score Big At Scrabble

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words that start with O

Oh me! Oh my! We’ve got a collection of (literally!) hundreds of words that start with O that will blow your letter-lovin’ mind! OK, maybe it won’t blow your mind, but it is a handy guide to reference if you enjoy a good game of Scrabble. Are you the word whiz in your social circle? The one no one wants to be matched up against in Words With Friends? If that’s you, keep reading. And if you want it to be you, keep reading. Let us be your leg up if you need a bit of a boost in the vocab department. Essentially, if you enjoy word games, this post is for you. Be sure to check out our letter A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, and N pages too. Pro tip — bookmark these word pages for later.

We’ve got 2-letter O words, 3-letter O words, 4-letter O words, 5-letter O words and more sorted out in alphabetical order, ready for your perusal. Many are words you’ve likely never seen. So if you want to learn the definitions, be sure to keep a dictionary nearby (or check out the dictionary app on your phone). Bonus: they’re all Scrabble approved!

If you’ve got other word-related goals — expanding your vocabulary, teaching your kids a few new words, giving your brain a bit of a workout — this list of words that start with O is written with you in mind too.

Let’s get started.

2-Letter Words That Start With O

od, oe, of, oh, oi, ok, om, on, op, or, os, ow, ox

3-Letter Words That Start With O

oaf, oak, oar, oat, oba, obe, obi, oca, och, oda, odd, ode, ods, oes, off, oft, ohm, oho, ohs, oik, oil, oka, oke, old, ole, oma, oms, one, ono, ons, oof, ooh, oot, opa, ope, ops, opt, ora, orb, orc, ore, org, ors, ort, ose, oud, our, out, ova, owe, owl, own, owt, oxo, oxy

4-Letter Words That Start With O

oafs, oaks, oaky, oars, oast, oath, oats, oaty, obas, obes, obey, obia, obis, obit, oboe, obol, ocas, oche, odah, odas, odds, odea, odes, odic, odor, odyl, offs, ogam, ogee, ogle, ogre, ohed, ohia, ohms, oiks, oils, oily, oink, okas, okay, okeh, okes, okra, olde, olds, oldy, olea, oleo, oles, olio, olla, omas, omen, omer, omit, once, ones, only, onos, onto, onus, onyx, oohs, oops, oots, ooze, oozy, opah, opal, opas, oped, open, opes, opts, opus, orad, oral, orbs, orby, orca, orcs, ordo, ores, orgs, orgy, orle, orra, orts, oryx, orzo, osar, oses, ossa, otic, otto, ouch, ouds, ouph, ours, oust, outs, ouzo, oval, oven, over, ovum, owed, owes, owie, owls, owly, owns, owse, owts, oxen, oxer, oxes, oxic, oxid, oxim, oyer, oyes, oyez

5-Letter Words That Start With O

oaked, oaken, oakum, oared, oases, oasis, oasts, oaten, oater, oaths, oaves, obeah, obeli, obese, obeys, obias, obits, objet, oboes, obole, oboli, obols, occur, ocean, ocher, oches, ochre, ochry, ocker, ocrea, octad, octal, octan, octet, octyl, oculi, odahs, odder, oddly, odeon, odeum, odist, odium, odors, odour, odyle, odyls, offal, offed, offer, often, ofter, ogams, ogeed, ogees, ogham, ogive, ogled, ogler, ogles, ogres, ohias, ohing, ohmic, oidia, oiled, oiler, oinks, okapi, okays, okehs, okras, olden, older, oldie, oleic, olein, oleos, oleum, olios, olive, ollas, ollie, ology, omasa, omber, ombre, omega, omens, omers, omits, oncet, onery, onion, onium, onlay, onset, ontic, oohed, oomph, oorie, ootid, oozed, oozes, opahs, opals, opens, opera, opine, oping, opium, opsin, opted, optic, orach, oracy, orals, orang, orate, orbed, orbit, orcas, orcin, order, ordos, oread, organ, orgic, oribi, oriel, orles, orlop, ormer, ornis, orpin, orris, ortho, orzos, oscar, osier, osmic, osmol, ossia, ostia, otaku, other, ottar, otter, ottos, ought, ounce, ouphe, ouphs, ourie, ousel, ousts, outby, outdo, outed, outer, outgo, outre, outro, ouzel, ouzos, ovals, ovary, ovate, ovens, overs, overt, ovine, ovoid, ovoli, ovolo, ovule, owies, owing, owlet, owned, owner, owsen, oxbow, oxers, oxeye, oxide, oxids, oxime, oxims, oxlip, oxter, oyers, ozone

6-Letter Words That Start With O

oafish, oaktag, oakums, oaring, oasean, oaters, obduce, obeahs, obeche, obelia, obelus, obento, obeyed, obeyer, object, objets, oblast, oblate, oblige, oblong, oboist, oboles, obolus, obsess, obtain, obtect, obtest, obtund, obtuse, obvert, occult, occupy, occurs, oceans, ocelli, ocelot, ochers, ochery, ochone, ochrea, ochred, ochres, ockers, ocreae, octads, octals, octane, octans, octant, octave, octavo, octets, octopi, octroi, ocular, oculus, odalar, oddest, oddish, oddity, odious, odiums, odours, odyles, odylic, oedema, oeuvre, offals, offend, offers, office, offing, offish, offlap, offset, oflags, ofuros, ogdoad, oghams, ogives, oglers, ogling, ogonek, ogress, ogrish, ogrism, ohmage, oidium, oilcan. oilers, oilier, oiling, oillet, oilman, oilmen, oinked, okapis, okayed, okoume, oldest, oldies, oldish, oleate, olefin, oleins, oleums, olingo, olives, olivet, omasum, ombers, ombres, omegas, omelet, omened, omenta, omerta, onager, onagri, ondine, onding, onions, oniony, onlaid, onlaps, onlays, online, onload, onrush, onsets, onside, onuses, onward, onyxes, onyxis, oocyst, oocyte, oodles, oogamy, oohing, oolite, oolith, oology, oolong, oomiak, oompah, oomphs, ootids, oozier, oozily, oozing, opacus, opaque, opened, opener, openly, operas, operon, ophite, opiate, opined, opines, opioid, opiums, oppose, oppugn, opries, opsins, optics, optima, optime, opting, option, opuses, orache, oracle, orales, orally, orangs, orangy, orante, orants, oraria, orated, orates, orator, orbier, orbing, orbits, orcein, orchid, orchil, orchis, orcins, ordain, ordeal, orders, ordure, oreads, oreide, orenda, orexis, orfray, organa, organs, orgeat, orgies, orgone, oribis, oriels, orient, origan, origin, orihon, oriole, orison, orlets, orlfly, orlies, orlops, ormers, ormolu, ornate, ornery, orogen, oroide, orphan, orphic, orpine, orpins, orrery, orrice, oryxes, oscine, oscula, osiers, osmics, osmium, osmose, osmous, osmund, osprey, ossein, ossify, osteal, ostium, ostler, ostomy, others, otiose, otitis, ottars, ottava, otters, ouched, ouches, oughts, ouncer, ounces, ouphes, ourari, ousels, ousted, ouster, outact, outage, outate, outawe

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