Literally Hundreds Of Words That Start With R For All The Scrabble Rockstars

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words that start with R

There’s no better way to spend a rainy Sunday than hanging out at home playing board games with the kids. Add in some delicious eats and treats; you’re all set! If Scrabble is your go-to game, you may be wondering how you can improve your word skills and dominate the scoreboard. Well, look no further. We’ve got you covered. Keep reading for a mega-list of (literally!) hundreds of words that start with R. Why words that start with R? Great question. The letter R is a Scrabble powerhouse because it’s versatile and the word combinations available to you are endless. With this handy guide, the letter R will be your new Scrabble BFF. While you’re at it, be sure to check out our letter A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, and P pages too. Bonus: They’re all Scrabble dictionary approved!

Maybe your kids are too young to enjoy Scrabble, but Words With Friends is your mobile game of choice. Either way, we can all stand to improve our vocabulary and give the ol’ noggin a good workout. So check out our growing collection of words that start with R and don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can come back again when you need a quick refresher.

Let’s get started.

2-Letter Words That Start With R


3-Letter Words That Start With R

rad, rag, rah, rai, raj, ram, ran, rap, ras, rat, raw, rax, ray, reb, rec, red, ree, ref, reg, rei, rem, rep, res, ret, rev, rex, rez, rho, ria, rib, rid, rif, rig, rim, rin, rip, rob, roc, rod, roe, rom, roo, rot, row, rub, rue, rug, rum, run, rut, rya, rye, ryu

4-Letter Words That Start With R

race, rack, racy, rads, raff, raft, raga, rage, ragg, ragi, rags, raia, raid, rail, rain, rais, raja, rake, raki, raku, rale, rami, ramp, rams, rand, rang, rani, rank, rant, rape, raps, rapt, rare, rase, rash, rasp, rate, rath, rato, rats, rave, raws, raya, rays, raze, razz, read, real, ream, reap, rear, rebs, reck, recs, redd, rede, redo, reds, reed, reef, reek, reel, rees, refs, reft, regs, reif, rein, reis, rely, rems, rend, reno, rent, repo, repp, reps, resh, rest, rete, rets, revs, rhea, rhos, rhus, rial, rias, ribs, rice, rich, rick, ride, rids, riel, rife, riff, rifs, rift, rigs, rile, rill, rime, rims, rimy, rind, ring, rink, rins, riot, ripe, rips, rise, risk, rite, ritz, rive, road, roam, roan, roar, robe, robs, rock, rocs, rode, rods, roes, roil, role, rolf, roll, romp, roms, rood, roof, rook, room, roos, root, rope, ropy, rose, rosy, rota, rote, roti, rotl, roto, rots, roue, roup, rout, roux, rove, rows, rube, rubs, ruby, ruck, rudd, rude, rued, ruer, rues, ruff, ruga, rugs, ruin, rukh, rule, ruly, rump, rums, rune, rung, runs, runt, ruse, rush, rusk, rust, ruth, ruts, ryas, ryes, ryke, rynd, ryot, ryus

5-Letter Words That Start With R

rabat, rabbi, rabic, rabid, raced, racer, races, racks, racon, radar, radii, radio, radix, radon, raffs, rafts, ragas, raged, ragee, rager, rages, ragga, raggs, raggy, ragis, raias, raids, rails, rains, rainy, raise, raita, rajah, rajas, rajes, raked, rakee, raker, rakes, rakis, rakus, rales, rally, ralph, ramal, ramee, ramen, ramet, ramie, ramin, rammy, ramps, ramus, rance, ranch, rands, randy, ranee, range, rangs, rangy, ranid, ranis, ranks, rants, raped, raper, rapes, raphe, rapid, rared, rarer, rares, rased, raser, rases, rasps, raspy, ratal, ratan, ratch, rated, ratel, rater, rates, rathe, ratio, ratos, ratty, raved, ravel, raven, raver, raves, ravey, ravin, rawer, rawin, rawly, raxed, raxes, rayah, rayas, rayed, rayon, razed, razee, razer, razes, razor, reach, react, readd, reads, ready, reais, realm, reals, reams, reaps, rearm, rears, reata, reave, rebar, rebbe, rebec, rebel, rebid, rebop, rebus, rebut, rebuy, recap, recce, recit, recks, recon, recta, recti, recto, recur, recut, redan, redds, reddy, reded, redes, redia, redid, redip, redly, redon, redos, redox, redry, redub, redux, redye, reeds, reedy, reefs, reefy, reeks, reeky, reels, reest, reeve, refed, refel, refer, refit, refix, refly, refry, regal, reges, regie, regma, regna, rehab, rehem, reifs, reify, reign, reiki, reink, reins, reive, rejig, rekey, relax, relay, relet, relic, relit, reman, remap, remet, remex, remit, remix, renal, rends, renew, renig, renin, renos, rente, rents, reoil, reorg, repay, repeg, repel, repin, reply, repos, repot, repps, repro, reran, rerig, rerun, resat, resaw, resay, resee, reses, reset, resew, resid, resin, resit, resod, resow, rests, retag, retax, retch, retem, retia, retie, retro, retry, reuse, revel, revet, revue, rewan, rewax, rewed, rewet, rewin, rewon, rexes, rezes, rheas, rheme, rheum, rhino, rhomb, rhumb, rhyme, rhyta, rials, riant, riata, ribby, ribes, riced, ricer, rices, ricin, ricks, rider, rides, ridge, ridgy, riels, rifer, riffs, rifle, rifts, right, rigid, rigor, riled, riles, riley, rille, rills, rimed, rimer, rimes, rinds, rindy, rings, rinks, rinse, rioja, riots, riped, ripen, riper, ripes, risen, riser, rises, rishi, risks, risky, risus, rites, ritzy, rival, rived, riven, river, rives, rivet, riyal, roach, roads, roams, roans, roars, roast, robed, robes, robin, roble, robot, rocks, rocky, rodeo, rodes, roger, rogue, roils, roily, roles, rolfs, rolls, roman, romeo, romps, ronde, rondo, ronin, roods, roofs, rooks, rooky, rooms, roomy, roose, roost, roots, rooty, roped, roper, ropes, ropey, roque, rosed, roses, roset, roshi, rosin, rosti, rotas, rotch, rotes, rotis, rotls, rotor, rotos, rotte, rouen, roues, rouge, rough, round, roups, roupy, rouse, roust, route, routh, routs, roved, roven, rover, roves, rowan, rowdy, rowed, rowel, rowen, rower, rowth, royal, ruana, rubby, rubel, rubes, ruble, rubli, rubus, ruche, rucks, rudds, ruddy, ruder, ruers, ruffe, ruffs, rugae, rugal, rugby, ruing, ruins, rukhs, ruled, ruler, rules, rumba, rumen, rumly, rummy, rumor, rumps, runes, rungs, runic, runny, runts, runty, rupee, rural, ruses, rushy, rusks, rusts, rusty, ruths, rutin, rutty, ryked, rykes, rynds, ryots

6-Letter Words That Start With R

rabals, rabato, rabats, rabban, rabbet, rabbin, rabbis, rabbit, rabble, rabies, rabots, raceme, racers, rachis, racial, racier, racily, racing, racism, racked, racket, rackle, racons, racoon, radars, radder, raddle, radeau, radial, radian, radios, radish, radium, radius, random, radons, radula, raffee, raffes, raffia, raffie, raffle, rafted, rafter, ragbag, raggas, ragged, raggee, raggle, raging, raglan, ragman, ragmen, ragout, ragtag, ragtop, raided, raider, railed, railer, rained, raised, raiser, raises, raisin, raitas, rajahs, rakahs, rakees, rakers, raking, rakish, rallye, ralphs, ramada, ramage, ramark, ramate, rambla, ramble, ramens, ramets, ramies, ramify, ramjet, rammed, rammer, ramons, ramoon, ramous, ramped, ramrod, ramson, ramtil, rancho, rancid, rancor, randan, randed, random, randos, ranees, ranged, ranger, ranges, ranids, ranked, ranker, ranket, rankle, rankly, ransom, ranted, ranter, ranula, rapers, raphae, raphia, raphis, rapidi, rapido, rapids, rapier, rapine, rapini, rapped, rappee, rappel, rappen, rapper, raptly, raptor, raptus, rarefy, rarely, rarest, raring, rarity, rascal, rasers, rasher, rashes, rashly, rasing, rasped, rasper, rassle, raster, rastle, rasure, ratals, ratans, ratels, raters, rather, ratify, ratine, rating, ration, ratios, ratite, ratlin, ratoon, rattan, ratted, ratter, rattle, rattly, ratton, raunch, ravage, ravels, ravens, ravers, ravine, raving, ravins, ravish, rawest

7-Letter Words That Start With R

rabatos, rabbets, rabbins, rabbits, rabbity, rabbled, rabbler, rabbles, rabidly, raccoon, racecar, racemed, racemes, racemic, raceway, rachial, raciest, racisms, rackets, rackett, rackety, racking, racoons, racquet, raddest, raddled, raddles, radeaux, radials, radians, radiant, radiate, radical, radicel, radices, radicle, radioed, radiums, radixes, radomes, radulae, radular, raffees, raffias, raffies, raffish, raffled, raffler, raffles, rafters, rafting, ragbags, rageful, ragfish, raggedy, raggees, raggies, ragging, raggles, raglans, ragouts, ragtime, ragtops, ragweed, ragwork, ragwort, raiders, raiding, railage, railers, railing, railway, raiment, rainbow, rainier, rainily, raining, rainout, raisers, raising, raisins, raisiny, rajasic, rakable, rallied, rallier, rallies, ralline, rallyes

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