Women Are Sharing Their Worst Dates On Twitter, And It's Brutal

by Thea Glassman
Image via @_ItsMissBre/Twitter

Buckle up for some of the absolute worst date stories out there

I think we can all collectively agree that dating is terrible. Like, crawl under the covers and watch every season of Friends until you feel better terrible. Thankfully, none of us are alone in all of this weird, awkward hideousness. Women are taking to Twitter to share their worst date stories, and get ready to feel so much better about your own situation.

It all started with one simple request. Twitter user @_ItsMeBree wrote: “Ladies: tell me your worst date.”

And, boy, did they deliver.

It was pretty much one train wreck after the other. First up, there was the guy who heavily implied that he would like to move in after their date. I personally think that this offense is just a notch above the fact that he kept talking about his ex-girlfriends. Nobody wants to hear it.

There was the date that was supposed to be a date but actually turned out to be a church service. A two hour church service, no less.

Then, there was the self-absorbed guy with some pretty specific interests and an invite for an impromptu field trip to his place of work.

The married guy. Because of course.

The truly terrible person.

And the pooper (if you are still not convinced that dating sucks, I truly think this one will change your mind).

Hands down the best reply to this tweet was: “That dude shit his pants.” Because, um, yes probably.

We were also introduced to the guy who felt like he needed to explain a movie to his date (seriously, Dark Knight is not even that complicated).

Another Michael Jackson fan.

I don’t even know WTF this is.

There was an unfortunate number of stories about public urination that occurred during the date.

And so many reminders that the world is filled with literally awful people.

*Sigh.* I guess the moral of this story is that most people are having a terrible time dating and if you think you just had the worst date ever, someone has probably already topped your story. I mean, a woman went out with a guy who ditched her without a word after he potentially soiled himself. We should probably all buy her so, so many drinks.