You Are Never Going To Sleep Again


I’ve got news for you, mamas. It’s not pretty, but it’s the truth. Ready? You are never going to sleep again.

I may never sleep again. We, collectively, givers of life, wipers of noses, cutters of grapes, curators of cute stories and boogers on our sleeves – WE – may never sleep again.

The bummer of it is, this essential piece of information is conveniently left out of the brochures you get from your OB. The only thing you hear about sleep as an expecting first-time mom is that it’s rough for the first couple of months. All focus and discussion centers around when the little eight-pounder will begin sleeping six, seven, ten hours at a stretch. After that, you assume (and no one dares correct you), it’s smooth sailing. You’re home free. Is she Sleeping Through The Night yet? When did your baby Sleep Through The Night? Don’t worry – all babies Sleep Through The Night eventually. Sleeping Through The Night is sold by the collective conspiracy as a milestone as cut-and-dry as first teeth or first steps, when in fact it’s a far murkier tale.

Yes, all babies eventually sleep through the night. Whether you wait patiently for it to happen naturally or turn in bleary-eyed desperation to Dr. Soandso Snoozenhaugen and his 99.99% guaranteed method of Getting Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night (Without Sentencing Him to a Life Fraught with Abandonment Issues), it does happen. The first time is cause for many jubilatory texts and phone calls, tweets and status updates. He did it! He didn’t wake up once last night!, you shout from the internet’s varied rooftops. What you don’t tell people is that you woke up four times in engorged agony and an additional six times to make sure your baby hadn’t died or been kidnapped. Inconsequential, those details, because Hooray! You made it! You can get back to the sleep you enjoyed for the first thirty-ish years of your life. At last.

Or not. Babies sleep through the night…eventually…and then they don’t. Toddlers may sleep through the night…unless they won’t. Children are fully capable of sleeping through the night…and yet, inexplicably, they often do not. And you, Dear Reader/Mother, may in fact sleep through the night some nights, but if you do so more than fifty percent of the time while your children are young, you can count yourself as lucky.

Let’s set aside the fact that no one tells you this before you have children (because why, really, does it matter? would we have enjoyed our slumber more in our pre-kids years? said a little prayer of gratitude every morning we woke up after a full night’s sleep? probably not). Let’s instead review, for those who may not yet know them, the reasons behind this inconvenient truth. I’ll give you just a sampling of my own experience; of the many faces of REM, interrupted; of the causes, both mundane and spectacular, for under-eye concealer’s permanent promotion from optional to mandatory.

First, the four big ones:

1. Basic Needs:  Popular with the under six-months set, you have your typical offenders: hungry, wet, gassy, and just generally lacking circadian rhythms. Add to these a talent for whopping oneself in the face with unswaddled limbs and you’ve got your average new baby and tired mama. No real shockers here.

2. Teeth: Just as baby may or may not be ready to go all night without eating or needing a cuddle session, henceforth cometh The Teeth. I have never actually been totally sold on teeth as a reason for night-waking. I feel like teeth are the El Niño effect of baby ailments … if nothing else seems to make sense, blame teeth. So there’s that.

3. Sickness: A doctor once told me that babies and toddlers get 8-10 colds a year. That’s one upper-respiratory surprise about every six weeks. If you figure it starts with a fever (night-waking), progresses with cold symptoms (night-waking), and ends with a lingering cough (night-waking), that’s at least a week of no sleep – after which, naturally, they have forgotten entirely what it’s like to sleep through the night. By the time you’ve gotten back on track you have – at best in my experience – 2-3 weeks before the next tooth/cold/random sleep regression (see next).

4. Just Because: At some point all babies* go through some kind of five-star sleep regression where they completely forget how to sleep through the night, and start waking up in shorter and shorter intervals until they’ve gone completely back to newborn sleep patterns – including, of course, the complete inability to self-soothe or fall asleep without parental aid (preferably in the form of singing).

(*in my unscientific study of anecdotal information analyzed through a haze of confusion caused by (ding ding!) sleep deprivation)

These reasons alone are enough to wreck your own sleep habits so thoroughly that when baby does make it all the way through the night, chances are you will lie awake for hours thinking about Important Stuff like whether Simon Cowell exaggerates his assholery on TV or if that’s his real personality. And since motherhood prompts nature to conveniently rewire our brains to wake at the faintest coo of a far-off dove, you’ll also enjoy night-waking that has altogether nothing to do with your children; noises through which you would have slumbered peacefully in a previous life will yank you from dreamland as unpleasantly as a cheap bedside alarm clock set for midnight.

(Also, your one-year-old may actually set your cheap bedside alarm clock to go off at midnight. More than once. Then mock you by sleeping through the night himself whilst you fumble in the dark, pulling cords from the wall and mumbling about irony.)

But it gets better. Oh, it gets better. And by better, I mean worse. If you can make it through the first couple of years, you move on to Intermediate Level night-waking – stuff like bad dreams, stomach viruses, the need to go potty, requests for water, a misplaced lovey, questions about vampires and, most recently, the declaration that “I just can’t figure out where to put my arms.”

I can only imagine what lies ahead: getting a phone call that a second grader needs to be picked up mid-sleepover, music blaring into the wee hours from the bedroom of a middle schooler, waiting up for curfew-pushing teenagers, and welcoming with each additional kid a whole host of potential sleep detailers.

I’ve made relative peace with the idea of not sleeping really well ever again. I’ve also gotten way better at functioning on less sleep. But I do think those of us who have seen the other side of Sleeping Through The Night – that is, NOT Sleeping Through The Night – owe it to our sisters who are new to the game to shoot straight. Sure, do what you need to do to earn that notch on your belt that tells the world you have a baby who sleeps through the night. And then rest up, mama.

Because we’re in this for a long haul.

About the writer


Sarah Powers is a writer, editor, and mom of three who lives in Arizona. She works as Managing Editor for The Happiest Home, and writes for parenting magazines and sites like The Huffington Post and Babble. Sarah loves high ponytails, Broadway showtunes, and using her kids as an excuse to stay in and go to bed early, which she would do anyway. You can find Sarah on Twitter, Instagram, and at her blog, Powers of Mine.

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Danielle Russell 5 months ago

I love all of these articles, can totally relate

Scarlett Beck 5 months ago

True and sad story

JR 5 months ago

Some of us do try tell the truth, but there is real hesitation, because there is always the ‘you’re raining on her happy parade’ accusation (usually from a third party, and that can be about anything that you’re trying to tell some truth about). People treat the advent of a new baby like discussing a wedding. Like it’s all sunshine, without talking about the real changes and pressures, in more than a rudimentary way. The person who is denigrating this says things like ‘omg, don’t scare her’ or ‘she won’t get it unless she does it’. Now there is an element of truth in that, but if you have never had a child, please don’t be the person that does that. If a vet gets shut down, they might just shut up completely. The oldtimer mother also may be worried about sending the new mother into overwhelm, even while pregnant, that’s not helpful either. Tip toeing or not even attempting. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

We used to live in multi-generational, extended families. Where you witnessed and heard about this stuff while growing up. So when you had your own children, a lot of this wasn’t a surprise, and you had some practical tools under your belt before you even started. It’s like our natural apprenticeships in motherhood fell away. We need a new way to pass down what we know, that isn’t all at once when the stick shows a line.

Frances Pam 5 months ago

Up until the 21st century nobody talked about babies and sleeping. People just dealt with it. Now everybody looks to a manual and therapists to raise children.

Frances Pam 5 months ago

I read this and honestly no matter what I do there are nights one of my sons still calls for mommy and daddy. Of course therapists believe he should just cry it out. No matter it will work for a while and it will go back to the newborn stage. I tried cry it out once and he threw up. Can someone explain to me how cio is beneficial if it makes a kid sick? And my parents are no help because my father always believed sleep is a waste of time and my mother said I was a bad sleeper so what goes around comes around.

Samantha Sparrow Williams 5 months ago

I just worry I’ll lose the ability to sleep once they get older… like it will atrophy and I’ll wander about the house at night like a ghost… forever searching for anything as small as a nap…

Gloria Silva 5 months ago

And when you can your body won’t let you

Sladie Ash 5 months ago

I’ve been awake for 15 years

Sladie Ash 5 months ago

This. Is. S P O T on!!! Haa!

Laura Galvanek Carmichael 5 months ago

Love this!

Mary Herman 5 months ago

Babies are nothing to lose sleep over;practice for the teen/early adult years. At least you know where they are

Kirsten Screen 5 months ago

Thankfully this isn’t universally true. We had 3 in 3.5 years. They are now almost 7, 5, and 3 years old. All sleep 12 hours/night (and have done so since they were babies…we learned quicker with each child). On the weekends no one is up before 7/7:30. Husband and I take turns on sleeping in on the weekends. It’s all about establishing solid sleep habits early. Don’t give up on that.

Rachel 5 months ago

Yup…7 yo is waking up regularly – yup that’s 7 YEARS not months! Overactive brain prevents her getting to sleep and being scared of the dark means she wakes up throughout the night now her brother is sleeping in his own room!

Leanne Snyder 5 months ago

Both of my kids STTN except to nurse since birth. We bed share and all average 8 hours a night of sleep <3 My 1 & 3 year-olds are beside me right now 😀

Jessica Dumitru 5 months ago

I think it has taken two long years to come to terms with this reality! But I did REALLY Luv sleep before…..

Jamie Lucario 5 months ago

And rarely does baby either

Candace Wes 5 months ago

A lot of sleep problems are because kids are overtired, can’t sleep/fall asleep independently and have bad bedtime routines. Sleep deprivation is a leading cause in early morning wakings and difficulty staying asleep. Fix these and you’ll sleep.

Guerrina 5 months ago

All true. I was/am a single parent. At 60 my son and his just turned 5 year old son moved home with me after 18 months away in the state where my ex lives. I just recently told my son the first time in forever that I slept well was the 18 months they were away lol. Told him to get used to being tired. There is a nice break though when they start school until they get to 13-15 or 16 and then good, peaceful sleep is rare for a few more years for different reasons. Just know you will on day sleep well again!

Alexis Reilly 5 months ago

I’ve never had this issue. All 3 of my kids have slept from 7 pm to 7 am every night since 4 months old. They’ve never given me any problems about it. I think they just take after me and really like sleeping. LOL

Bonnie Latchford 5 months ago

I’ve only slept through the night a handfull of times since I was pregnant with my oldest who will be 10 in June. Baby # 5 is almost 4 months so we have a long way to go to get back to sleeping all night. It Is exhausting but worth it.

Stephanie Grey 5 months ago

4.5 yr old. Does not. Sleep. Through the night.

Khrista Petrucci 5 months ago

This should be in the manual.

Nancy Athanas 5 months ago

The best sleep I got after having babies was when they went to college!

Tamara Beall Rothe 5 months ago

So true…it’s been 2.5 years for me !! :)

Areli Josserand 5 months ago

I had 30 years of sleeping in, I got enough! My little boy will be an only child, so I’m squeezing every minute with him, I don’t care about sleeping in right now, this time is precious! It is a treasure, a privilege, I can’t be thankful enough!

Nicholle Dye 5 months ago

Oh no mine are up at 7 every day. But they will ocupy themselves till I get up. Dad works so he sleeps in

Jessica Pickett 5 months ago

Mine were the same and we co slept/bed shares whatever we just went with the flow and breast fed. But they slept all night and quickly went into their own space once they got bigger and still never gave us any fuss. I think some kids just love to sleep! They would all sleep till noon if I didn’t wake them up! Ages 10,9,6,2

BrandoNatalie Mercier 5 months ago

Hang in there mama! It’ll get better! Maybe not today or tomorrow but it will get better!

Jessica Pickett 5 months ago

Agreed! All four of my kids are great sleepers! They slept through the night early, even when breast fed and can sleep all day if I don’t wake then up. 10,9,6 and 2. We all live our sleep over here! Lmao

Kate Landon 5 months ago

My 10 month old hates sleep. Or me. One of the two. He’s never ever slept through the night. Up every 2 hours his entire life, more often if he’s teething/sick/just plain fidgety. I have a feeling it’s not going to get better anytime soon, and that it might be a rough year or so ahead of us, just like you.

Nicholle Dye 5 months ago

But I never let them sleep with me if I ever heard them start to fuss I would rub them on the back. Bedtime is always bedtime no negotiations

Marisa Kane Volpicello 5 months ago

I really hope this is sarcasm. Otherwise I am in awe!

Keeley Lee 5 months ago

My oldest did not sleep- I was a zombie that first year.

Keeley Lee 5 months ago

Well now that mine are teens I get plenty of sleep :)

Javier Zamarripa 5 months ago

So true. I haven’t sleep 8 hour’s in year’s I think I can do it again. Who need’s sleep. Bahahahaha.

Missy Hartney 5 months ago


Mary Evans 5 months ago

Can we just be honest here … mom’s stop sleeping through the night before baby is born. It takes forever to get comfy in bed. Your comfy for all of 10 minutes before you need to pee. Then you get to repeat the whole process.

Sonia Bishop 5 months ago

Looks like there are a lot of well rested mothers out there! Congratulations to you

Natalie Boone 5 months ago

I miss when he is gone all night at work and I sleep great!

Natalie Boone 5 months ago

My kiddos all sleep through the night now, but every since ryan hurt himself and has been outta work he stays up all night and I feel like I sleep like I have a newborn again lmao. He wakes me up every couple of hours somehow lol

Jenni Filipe 5 months ago

Can’t spell mom without coffee….lol I haven’t slept a solid 8 hours in years! Like 8 or 9 maybe…can’t remember. I think I’ll sleep when they move out

Valerie M Cody 5 months ago

I’m wondering how many of us on Scary Mommy would have not had kids if we had been able to read all these posts beforehand. Hmmm….

Marcie Wise 5 months ago

Good thing I slept in every chance possible for 28 years. Lol my three month old has me up every three hours.

Shuni Brewer 5 months ago

I don’t even want to tell people about sleep for fear of jinxing it. Even though mine sleep well, I’m still a light sleeper. It’s just not the same as before kids.

Chrisy Shumway Herrle 5 months ago

I know for a fact, that in the 70’s, my mom would have LOVED a place to vent and feel understood while 3 crazy kids we running around. Who wouldn’t?

Carrie Pate 5 months ago

Soooooo true. Glad I’m not the only one who’s come to this conclusion…

Amanda Benedict-Obenauer 5 months ago

I never had these issues either. 7:30pm-6:00a/7am everyday.

Karlena Wolhart 5 months ago

Well, bless your heart!

Shiva Shahlapour 5 months ago

My baby loves her sleep too. No problems at all.

Jus Kud 5 months ago

My boys are 6 and 3. I sleep like a baby for nearly 2 years.

Barbara Geromel 5 months ago

Totally my husband

Colleen Andrawis 5 months ago

I had my daughter sleeping through the night at 4 months.She is two and now is in a toddler bed, she hasnt has any issues getting up. I have had some issues when she was about 11 months but most were not longer than a couple days. Im sorry to say I do sleep. If I dont its not because of her.

Tamara Eloise 5 months ago

Not true for all….when we first got home from the hospital he had his days and nights mixed up but after a few weeks. No problems. Now 4 and goes to sleep 830-7 and takes naps during day if needed 2 hrs.

Alison Smith McEntire 5 months ago

True, True, True! Mom of 11 & 8 year old and STILL being woke up here and there for whatever (bad dream, dont feel good, scared, hot, cold, etc etc etc). All part of parenting!! Wouldnt trade it for the world.

Kristen Werner Schrotberger 5 months ago

What is this thing called sleep that you speak of? 😉

BrandoNatalie Mercier 5 months ago

So glad my son is finally a fan of sleeping!! It was rough for a year and a half but he’s now on board…just in time for baby #2 to be born :-(

Nicholle Dye 5 months ago

I have 4 from 13 to 5 years. I don’t lose sleep. Mine slept through the night before we left the hospital and continue till now. We only get sick maybe twice a year and they still sleep. I have not known this struggle

Shannon Wnuk 5 months ago

20 month and 6 month and my 20 month old gets up more! 6 hours max for Me. I have to wake up early to enjoy my coffee in quiet.

Stacey Novelli 5 months ago

I always say, “You’ll never sleep the same again.” I haven’t had a long, deep sleep since before my oldest was born 3 1/2 years ago. I swear I hear every little noise in the house! Before kids, a fire engine would have had to come roaring to the house (with open windows) to wake me up!

Amanda 5 months ago

I’d say it’s about the kid, not the technique. My first took two days of sleep training and (pretty much) slept through the night happily since. My second? No way. We’re trying all the same things and she’s 13 months and is yet to sleep through the night more than once or twice. Though it’s definitely harder because when she gets in her state where she won’t even let me lay her back down at 3 am and is screaming, I have to take her to our bed because otherwise her brother (who shares a room) will be a monster at school the next day due to her keeping him up.

Stephy Louise 5 months ago

Not true, every child is different. My daughter, now 7 has never given me problems when it comes to sleeping. Thankfully 😀

Lauren Crespo 5 months ago

I sleep every night. And if I want to sleep in, then daddy gets up. So, yes, sleeping with children IS possible!

Cynthia Ann Hansen 5 months ago

Lol wait till they’re all grown up and you still worry about them!!

Loriann N-berg 5 months ago

I guess I’m a lucky one! He goes to bed from 10-7. Then after we are up and play for a while, he will knock back out for at least an hour- perfect for my shower opportunity!

Patricia Fox Ricketts 5 months ago

So glad my kids are teens now, they sleep, I sleep, we all sleep!!!!! Good times!

Joe Medler 5 months ago

I’m on your side on that one! Thanks so much for the feedback. I very dumbly tried it for a nap once with our first and it was the worst part of parenthood so far!

Amy Byrne 5 months ago

That’s true. Last night my kids slept through the night, but the neighbor’s damn dog kept barking & kept me up all night

Meghan Kelly 5 months ago

Love it except for the cry it out part… It been proven to be damaging to the brain development of babies. It makes for hard nights sometimes but babies cries should always be answered

Leandra Roesch Beshea 5 months ago

My goober is a good sleeper, always has been. It’s rare that she doesn’t sleep well so I definitely lucked out and get my 8-9 hours of sleep still.

Jenny Kruschke 5 months ago

I’ve never really been one for sleeping in. I was almost always up by 7 anyway before having kids. I just enjoy sleeping through the night again now that the newborn stage is over.

Leslie Hepburn 5 months ago

Ugh. 630 is sleeping in here. I love my daughter, but I hate waking up that early.

Amanda Lynn N 5 months ago

Sleeping in was never important really… it was the sleeping through the night I needed. That hasn’t happened since my baby has been born… actually it stopped halfway through my pregnancy when I had to pee 100 times a night. That’s what I miss the most… My 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

Lesley ‘Carter’ Maly 5 months ago

9am is sleeping in for me now if lucky. I used to remember before kids sleeping in till noon or later!!

Laura 7 months ago

Well……I guess I’d better buy stock in coffee. My little guy is 3 months and wakes up 2 or 3 times a night. I’d had hopes of him sleeping…..But now I’d know. Damn.

Jodie 7 months ago

Warning: For all the parents who brag my eldest 2 were amazing I used to tell all my children sleep through the night and were amazing (baby 2 slept through from birth!)

Baby 3, well he is my punishment for this bragging! At 15 months old he feeds relentlessly through the night, does not settle and his favourite sleep times are school pick up and drop offs!

Confessions Of Tired Moms 1 year ago

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BradandLauren Johnson 1 year ago

Jennifer , “I’m not sure what to do w my arms.” Classic.

Mollyyyy 1 year ago

Thank you. I completely agree. The only thing slightly more obnoxious are the “the baby weight just fell right off from breast feeding!” moms :)

Mollyyyy 1 year ago

Unclear why you hate it, just because it wasn’t your experience. I don’t hate on the “how hard breastfeeding can be” posts even though it was a walk in the park for me. I understand that for many many people, breastfeeding is really hard. Just like I hope you would understand that your experience with a great sleeper isn’t necessarily the norm.

Mollyyyy 1 year ago

Sorry to report that my kidlet didn’t sleep through the night until 11 months old, and then spent the next year waking at 5:30am every. single. day. no matter what I tried! At 2.5 years old he is finally sleeping 8-6:30.

Moe Ward 1 year ago

I was lucky after a month my monster fell in love with bed time. And she has been fine ever since

Kelly Baranak Benefield 1 year ago

We are going through the “vampire” stage. Except the vampires are zombies. I think I got more sleep when he was a little feller than I do now, he’s 5.

Rebekah Ahearn 1 year ago

Well I guess I got lucky.
My son slept thru (except for sickness and odd nights) since 4months. Still a good sleeper at almost 4.
My daughter hasnt been to bad. Had a bad 3 week stint but now at 9 months bed at 6.30pm up at 4 for a feed and back down till 7.

Emma Clayton-Kelly 1 year ago

Haha soooooo true! The things u don’t get told 😉
Just when u think it’s happening-BAM something else gets in the way! Then when baby sleeps thru we still bloody wake up cos it’s out motherly instinct and body clock saying “wake up”! Grrr sleep need more of it, never get enough! :))

Jessica Vaughn-Martin 1 year ago

Truth… sleepers are typically born not made.

ricky 1 year ago

‘Dwelling on the negative’ so often mistaken by the Positive-Energy-Only Association who fail to realise or acknowledge that plus and minus form life much like light and dark, hot and cold, wax and wane etc Pretty normal to feel negative once in a while. Its lifes frustrations that lead to change. If we were always happy all of the time surrounded by other happy all the time people all the time, we’d still be waiting on the development of the wheel. Learn to cry and throw stuff for the full ride.

Barbara Mastroddi-Lackey 1 year ago

My daughter was a poor sleeper for the first few years; nursing aside, she preferred my arms to her crib (DH and I found ourselves co-sleeping with her at one point if only to keep a happy home). I have no idea what happened, but she started sleeping through the night regularly by age 3 or so, and will only wake up if ill or had a horrific nightmare. As for me: I was always a light sleeper, but my sleep patterns are messed up as a result. I can’t believe there are women with young children who have the luxury of sleeping in late (if only!)

Kali Smith Monma 1 year ago

Oh good grief yes. My kid got better and better until, for three miraculous nights in a row during her fourth month of life, she slept 10, then 11, then 12 hours straight! This has got to be more than a fluke, I thought.

Within a week her sleep had quickly deteriorated, and now nearly two months later here I am with a baby that goes maaaaybe 2 hours at a stretch (usually less than 1) overnight and naps for less than 20 minutes at a time. The nights are a blur and I’ve stopped trying tally up my cumulative sleep. She slept better her first weeks home!

Ashley Bormet 1 year ago

Not going to lie,,. I one eyed it all but ITS TRUE!

Kylie 1 year ago

Yes. My baby has slept pretty good from day 1 way better than I expected. I have not. Not necessarily the baby’s fault. I’m just worried all night. Lol

Dana Bodry-Hurst 1 year ago

Oh for heaven’s sake. Satire, people. It’s funny. And it’s freaking true.

M’zelle Karine 1 year ago

BAHAHAHAHA!!! I have tears!!! “I dont know where to put my arms” LMAO

Rainey Jones 1 year ago

I have been so lucky with my first. She’s 3 and she loves her sleep and has been a great sleeper. This article makes me scared for my second which should be here in a month.

Chris 1 year ago

I think everyone complaining about this article is forgetting that this is satire and/or humor. Give it a break, folks, and skip it if you don’t like it.

Jessie Romero-Mitacchione 1 year ago


Melinda Schulist 1 year ago

Sleep is my hill to die on. My kids are great sleepers by design, I make sleep a priority. My older sttn by 9 weeks, my younger by 12 weeks, both in their own rooms. I get great sleep at night because of that.
Now eating, that’s a struggle…my kids are not great eaters. They are great snackers though, lol.

Andrea Tse 1 year ago

Us. :/ lol (tears) Lesly Tse

RickandKristin Glass 1 year ago

My son will be 2 next month, and I only remember feeling this way for about the first 3-4 months. He has always been an excellent napper and nighttime sleeper. Now, he averages 11-12 hours per night and a 2-3 hour nap during the day. He is, however, a VERY active kid. He NEVER sits still unless he is in the car. I am a lucky mommy. Almost scared to have another though. Lol.

Very Tired 1 year ago

I am very jealous of all of you that hit the lotto and got good sleepers. I wish I had kids that could be parented to sleep! Sadly no amount of routine, bedtime, daily or other will work on my kids. I tortured myself for nearly four years thinking I had done something wrong. Now I just accept that my sleep deprivation is causing permanent brain damage and hope my work doesn’t suffer. :)

Before I married my hubs I should have asked his mom about his childhood sleep. Turns out that ish is genetic.

Jessica Holden Lauderdale 1 year ago

THEY do! Lol! Mine are teens, and I do sleep better.. But there are still those nights…

Jessica Holden Lauderdale 1 year ago

I sleep now that my kids are teens.. Except for when they are at sleepovers.. Just knowing they are not in my home wakes me up several times a night. I don’t know what I’m going to do in a year and a half when my son is old enough to move out:(

Sammy Starr 1 year ago

Every child is different. I’ve aways gotten plenty of sleep except on their sick nights where I wanted to be up to make sure they are gettin their sleep.

Theresa Pizzo Marino 1 year ago

They finally sleep when they become teenagers

Rachel Kanner Liebman 1 year ago

I’m not sure if this was meant to have a humorous slant, but as a mom who suffered 3 times with ppd/ppa, it was unnerving and triggering.

Karen Buck 1 year ago

3 kids–all slept through the night 10 p.m. until 6 or 7 a.m. You’re right, Katie Patterson, no need to scare new parents. My first 2 by 3 months and my youngest at 2 months.

Lupe Loops 1 year ago

I’m trying to take advantage

Naomi Pearce 1 year ago

I sleep amazing! I think it’s because that now when I have half a chance to crash, I crash! One thing that HAS changed since having my two children, is that I feel I can easily function on less sleep than before. If I have at least 5 hours, I’m good. I must agree with some of the above comments: sleep training (having a routine, teaching to self-soothe with respect), is key to more sleep = happy mummy. My sons are 3 and 7 months and we all sleep very well! (Despite having a baby with reflux, colic, etc) Sleep training not for everyone, but it’s important for new mums to know that NOT everyone goes without sleep. If she feels sleep training will get her happier, more content and connected with her babe, she should do it!!!!

E Sheree Hall 1 year ago

This is why I treasure naps.
Children grown. I still nap. (3 small dogs can react to anything at night and wake me)

Tina 1 year ago

I’m currently waiting to have an empty nest (but my youngest is 10 so it’s a long wait), maybe I’ll get to sleep then. Teenagers are as bad as infants, the 10 year old is probably the best sleeper right now, teenagers don’t go to bed and keep you up, then they sleep til noon but you can’t because other family members get up and your mother hearing is just as good as ever. Maybe when I retire, but I’ve heard old people get up at stupid o’clock too.

Ashley Cappelli 1 year ago

My almost 20 month old (17 mom adj) little one STILL wakes up 2-3x a night. We’ve created a monster! He takes his bottle and immediately is back asleep. Longest stretch of sleep is around 5 hours. Can’t wait for the day when he will actually sleep thru the night.
Anyone in the same boat?

Jennifer Osso 1 year ago

I think it’s both a combo of having naturally good sleepers and following a good routine and being attentive to timing for naps and early bedtimes. 3 kids 9m to 7 years and they all slept 6+ hours by 9 weeks and 12 hours by 5m. All breast fed and into own room by 4m. The book healthy sleep habits healthy child was recommended to me with my first and I Highly recommend to all new mommies. Great resource, I owe it my sanity.

Barbara Dabrowski Deer 1 year ago

I KNOW!!!!!!!

Amanda Cunefare 1 year ago

i got zero sleep until my son was almost 2. he finally sleeps through the night at 2 1/2 lol

Brandy Lopez Barbee 1 year ago

Some kids sleep more than others. I have one of each. My caution to all parents…. Don’t go overboard with what your kid does or doesn’t do. You may seriously eat your words at some point. What is now may not always be the case. And frankly you have no idea what they will do until they are grown. Never say never……

Mommytwice 1 year ago

If you’re so sick of it don’t read it. If you’re so sick of it then how did you make it all the way to the comments section. Lol. I will say this, this is too true. My kids are 4 and 8 and I still don’t sleep all night because I still get up in the middle of the night to make sure they’re breathing and haven’t been kidnapped. And omg, I know I won’t sleep in the teen years with worry. AND, when they’re grown up! That’s part of it. Always worried about your kids. That’s part of what make you mom.

Stephanie McMillen 1 year ago

Kids no matter what age are different. Just because they sleep now at a young our older age does not mean that wont change in (gosh hmmm) in few days to a few years. The point is u can “try” and train your child to sleep. And hey u may do it our u may not. Each child is different right? Try and sleep when u can. But most important and best tip: as your kids get older make it a point to have mom time. Yes they will harass the hell out of u at first. But if u take everyday and say this 15min is my time. Period. End of disscussion. They will learn to give you space. And in that time nap. Nap for all your worth.

Michelle 1 year ago

And if you have one like my youngest, then you struggle for years with night terrors and screams that penetrate the night. (she currently takes melatonin, per doctors instruction, and it helps, but not solves all of it). You learn to rearrange your sleep schedule to match your child’s, and so I’m not awakened 6 times, I’ve learned to go to bed after the 2nd terror knowing I have 4 hrs of uninterrupted sleep before the next. Then you have the complaints of I’m too cold, I’m too hot, I’m thirst, I cant sleep and I need to be covered up. And then when you FINALLY think you have it all figured out and the youngest actually sleeps through, the older child will have asthma issues or nightmares and you still cant sleep! I’ve learned coffee is my friend!

Diane Butler 1 year ago

You sleep when they move out. Lol

jennlw 1 year ago

I haven’t slept well regularly since having my oldest 13 years ago! All three of my kids had your typical issues getting adjusted to sleeping through the night.

My youngest, now going on 9, has always slept the minimum number of hours recommended for his age. Currently, he goes to bed when we do, and wakes up before us most mornings. At least now I know he’s okay playing video games or watching TV when he wakes up. But when he was small he could get into trouble if I didn’t get up when he did!

But now that I don’t have to worry so much about the kids, it’s me that is the problem. I am in perimenopause, which causes me to wake in the middle of the night once or twice a week, have hot flashes other times, and generally feel tired anyway!

Mikki 1 year ago

I am not saying read only what you agree with. I am saying that if you are tired or upset about reading posts from frustrated parents, don’t read them. Parenthood is not a cake walk. For some people, it can be, but for most it’s not. I feel that everyone should have both sides of the issue laid out for them before making an informed decision. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I know of a new parent who didn’t want to know of any parenting negatives and in now upset that “this parenting thing” is not perfect.

Little Mama 1 year ago

I guess I just don’t see how saying YOU WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN and dwelling on the potential negative helps, but that’s just me. I’m not in any manner suggesting that people aren’t entitled to their own opinions, or to share those opinions, just commenting that I’m sometimes befuddled by posts like these. I read out of interest as, I’d guess, do many of you. I wasn’t aware that you should only read posts you agree with.

Marissa Lockwood 1 year ago

Joke’s on you, I have insomnia and haven’t slept in years anyway, ha ha!! Wait….

Mikki 1 year ago

It will get better, just not the same. You will sleep, just maybe not as deeply as you once did. You will hear when they are having a bad dream or any noise they make really. My husband said that when our kids were born I suddenly could hear an ant fart in Montana. We leave in the south.

Mikki 1 year ago

Then don’t read it.Duh! All children are different and so are all parents. While your little darling may be an angel, some one else may be struggling. If this article helps one person who is struggling feel not so alone, how is that bad? Which is better, venting on a blog FOR ADULTS or smacking a child around out of frustration and sleep depravation?

Jeny Riordan 1 year ago

I promise you will sleep again….when they are adults and move out

Alana Wood 1 year ago

With twins..that’s awesome..congrats! 😉

Brittany Allegretti 1 year ago

^ Completely agree. Our twins were STTN (10+ hours) by 4 months. Consistent night time routines and teaching them to self-soothe are the key!

Kali Lyles Morgan 1 year ago

It’s funny, but it’s not funny! Lol

Christy Hames Prudhomme 1 year ago

Mine are all teenagers and no I still don’t sleep. Someone needs to be drove here. Someone doesn’t get off work till midnight and you have to go pick them up. Or worse yet, someone is out with their friends and you hear about trouble that broke out and your frantically calling to make sure your child was not around it. Yes ladies you’ve got at least 19 years before you sleep again.

Angie Delp 1 year ago

We all sleep all night unless a kid is sick.

Angie Crux 1 year ago

When you can actually get a decent night you chose to stay up just to get some time to yourself – maybe that’s just me :)

Maggie Rebholz Johnson 1 year ago

I co sleep with and demand feed my babies, so I feel like I get plenty of sleep. There is usually about one rough week when they are weaned from the breast and one rough week when they are weaned into their own beds. Then they sleep like rocks through the rest of childhood. I do suffer from insomnia sometimes, but that predates my kids.

Sarah Cedar 1 year ago

Soo true. I haven’t had a completely restful night of sleep in about 16 years.

Alana Wood 1 year ago

The books exist… I borrowed from Babywise, and put my own twist on it. I’ve always been firm and consistent with night time routines. Happy well rested babies and mommies are definitely worth a few weeks or even months of h e double that sometimes come with sleep training.

Susan Malone Semadeni 1 year ago

Right now, I feel like cosleeping ruined my life.

Amy Whaley 1 year ago

My first was a good sleeper then we couldn’t figure out why she was miserable. She would only sleep if we coslept (something I hadn’t planned on). Figured out at 3 months she’s allergic to dairy. My youngest coslept from day one. I had to be induced at 38 weeks as he wasn’t growing like he should and cosleeping and lots of nursing helped him go from 5th to 50th percentile quickly. Lack of sleep was one of my biggest concerns about being a parent. There’s days I still struggle with it (teething and colds) but most days/nights are good.

Little Mama 1 year ago

Agree 100% – if I read this when I was pregnant, I would have been terrified. In reality, it’s sooo not that bad. Yes, the early months are tough, but it DOES get better, and I, and my children and husband, each sleep fairly well most nights. Just wanted to offer some positive thinking for any new mommies, or not-yet-mommies out there who may be stressing!

Tara Simon 1 year ago

My almost two year old has no trouble sleeping heavily through the night, but before you roll your eyes at me… It takes her FOR-FRICKING-EVER to fall asleep! We’re at our wits end most nights, and count ourselves lucky if she falls asleep before 10 PM. We’ve tried every method around and every trick in the book, but to no avail. Guess we’re just too cool and she doesn’t want to miss out on one minute with her super awesome parents, right? Right??

Ashlee Golding 1 year ago

Officially depressed now lol

Oona 1 year ago

I think this blog post was mainly written to be entertaining (which it was) and to joke about the no-sleep phenomenon.

In my opinion, the number one most obnoxious thing one mom can say to another mom (or community of moms, no less) is “my kids always slept through the night” or “my baby slept through the night at 5 days old.” Any of my happiness for you for being so lucky (which I absolutely would have if you were not so obnoxious) is completely erased by your self-righteous obnoxiousness. And you even further show your poor character by the judgmental comments about parents who wear their babies or co-sleep.

That said, for any new or potential moms reading this, it’s not meant to be taken as you seriously will never sleep again. With 1.5 and 3.5 year olds at home I get 7-8 hours of sleep about 75% of the time. The same is true for most moms I know, with sickness and growth-spurt phases as exceptions. It’s really not that bad, but it definitely can feel like “never again” when you’re in the thick of a bad phase. As always, these blogs exist to provide comfort in letting us know we are not alone.

Amber Cochran Denoux 1 year ago

An article has never been more true! My son was a great sleeper! Still is. My daughter, not so much. All kids are different.

Denise Freeman 1 year ago

My 8-year-old does as well. I did as a kid… hopefully he will grow out of it like I did! Though I never opened a dresser drawer to pee instead of going to the toilet…

Tara Simon 1 year ago

Either teach us your ways or write a book please!! I’m only half kidding btw…

Gina 1 year ago

Sorry to say ladies, but I have a 17 and a 15, and I still do not sleep. Completely different reasons than when they were younger. But, the outcome is the same. No Sleep!

Martha Lindhorst 1 year ago

Great article! I was so that mom that checked on them every few hours when my boys all started sleeping through the night. Now I wish my one year old would stop teething so I can sleep again.

Jennifer Klebsch 1 year ago

Mine has said that too, I just tell him get used to it because in another 20 years it’ll be the other way around!

Jenny Rose 1 year ago

I’ve been lucky since my wee one was 2 months old. She’s going to be 3. She’s always slept through the night for a minimum of 10 hours. Still takes 2-3 hr nap…not bad for everyone…some get lucky!

Becky Whitton 1 year ago

Baby getting teeth are the worst four babys sleep patterns.

One for the Honey 1 year ago

Such a sad, sad truth. Last night our 3 year old woke us up because her blanket fell off of her bed. -.- Come onnnnnnnnn!

Katie Patterson 1 year ago

Not true! My kids are 4 and 3 (had to sleep train the 4 year old), and we sleep just fine! No need to scare future parents everywhere by perpetuating this thought. *Some* parents don’t ever sleep again, not *all*parents.

Brandi Greer 1 year ago

Not necessarily true, my first child was sleeping 12 hours a night at 7 weeks, and my second started sleeping all night at 3 weeks, and now a toddler she will still sleep until 11 am if you let her, besides the”sick” thing, colds, they sleep really good, and I get more sleep than I did before I had kids. We’ve had two really good kids,

Mollyyyy 1 year ago

So why read these articles then? Skip over the sleep-related ones if they are N/A. For those of us who don’t have kids who “sleep through the night every night”, it can be lifesaving just to know you’re not alone when you are at your breaking point.

Hillary Forsman 1 year ago

My son was sleeping thru the night at 5 mths (first 4 mths were miserable with colic) and we never had any trouble after that (except for teething) until he was about 18 mths old! Now I can hardly get him to sleep at night by a decent time and once he finally does go to sleep…..I never know how long it will last…..every night is a new experience. Some nights are so good I actually have to wake him up in the morning when he’s been asleep for 12 hrs then, other nights I can’t get him to sleep more than an hr or so at a time! He will be 2 in a month and I was hoping as he got older it would get better but after reading this, I see I’m just screwed. Lol

Marian Sasso 1 year ago

The first four months SUCKED. Around six months, she started waking only once per night. Around ten months, she started sleeping 11-12 hours per night. I try to stick to the nap routine and bedtime routine as much as possible. We have more trouble getting to bed at night if she misses a nap, so I really try hard!

Silvija Curkić 1 year ago

Sadly I realized this one on my own. It sucks also that our right to complain about sleep deprovation expires after some time. It’s like riiiight, so you didn’t sleep again, yeah, what else is new. :/

Amy Quach 1 year ago

My daughter started sleeping through at 12 months….and coincidentally the month I ended up pregnant again! Lol

Susan Dlugos Brown 1 year ago

All three of my kids slept through the night by 7 and 8 weeks. I feel bad for parents who have kids that don’t sleep.

Colleen LeComte 1 year ago

I am so lucky (so far). My one year old has been sleeping through the night (7:30-7:30) since he was 11 weeks old. He still takes two 2 hour naps each day (roughly). I am petrified for him to go into a regression, so far so good!

Katie Jane Gerarge 1 year ago

Paula, I couldn’t have said it better myself. :)

Nicole Light 1 year ago

It’s articles like this that remind me just how lucky I am. My son slept through the night (10:30-5) at 5 days old. I’m pretty sure that when I have another one, he/she will be the complete opposite

Stacie Small Mendoza 1 year ago

I was blessed with 2 good sleepers, the article is right that you never sleep the same because you will wake up during the night just to check on them.

Raylene Hansen 1 year ago

I’m pretty sure these articles are meant to invoke discussion and are not scripts from a Life Manual 😉

Jennifer Williams 1 year ago

I sympathise,been lucky with my 2,both slept through the night,odd nights of lost sleep due to night terrors, growing pains and a memorable night with ear ache x

Brandi Alhamdani 1 year ago

My 8mo ds sleeps through the night but still gets up at 6:30. So no, I wouldn’t say I get sleep.

Emma Cronin 1 year ago

I co sleep! You get to a point where its that or sit in the dark crying eating jaffa cakes! Nearly a year old and ive had 8 full nights sleep…loving it lol x

Jennifer Lombardo- Temple 1 year ago

Is sleep now my kids are 4,4 and 6

Kelly Jones McGann 1 year ago

Too funny and true but all so very worth it!! But the most exciting, exhausting, frustrating and most heartwarming time of your life most of us that are LUCKY to be parents get to experience!!

Allie Vann 1 year ago

I have 4 kids, we sleep trained and were sleeping through the night at 5 months- still do at 2, 2, 3, 3 years old. My advise, DON’T co-sleep, set a schedule and stick to it. Remember your the parent, they are the child.

Nikki Stott 1 year ago

I’ve had babies that don’t sleep,I’ve had babies that do! My 6 month old is a dream sleeper. You never sleep the same but I get 10 hrs a night.. It’s how you are with your baby. I made TONS of mistakes with my first,and never made them again 😉 don’t listen to this article,just read a good book like ‘baby whisperer’ xx

Brittany Jefferson 1 year ago

Sounds about right to me, I had a great sleeper go to bed at 6 wake up at 5 or 6 and now she is 8 months and has decided sleep isn’t necessary. Won’t go to sleep until 12 or 1 waken up at 3 than again at 5 and 6

Janelle Rosee LeFebvre 1 year ago

My son will be 2 in october & sleeps from 730 pm to 830 am. Only wakes up when he’s teething & in pain

Rachel 1 year ago

Amen. The sooner you make peace with the fact that sleep will never be the same after kids, the better off you are. I just trust that by the grace of God alone I get enough to be functional, if nothing else.

Melissa Mallory 1 year ago

My 2nd slept through the night at 3 weeks old over 12 hours but it scared us when we woke up in the morning after a full nights sleep. Then from about 3 months to 6 months started waking up 2-3 times a night, even if he wasn’t hungry. Now at 7 months he sleeps about 10 hours a night but doesn’t take long naps.

Mindy Lee 1 year ago

My son is 8 goes to bed at 3 back up by 10 ugh

Julie Stiglets Reagle 1 year ago

And when you think it’s all good, they become teenagers and you don’t sleep then, either.

Emma Krock 1 year ago

I hear there some essential oils that relieve that!

Regina Rodriguez Carrido 1 year ago

#true! It’s worth it

Sara Owens 1 year ago

I put “I will never sleep again” in my head before my child was born. That way I can’t be disappointed–if I do sleep, it’s just an exciting time. :-)

Meghan Lackey 1 year ago

Someone please tell me this is an exaggeration. My 2 month old is a bad sleeper and I was hoping that at some point in the coming years I would get to sleep…

Carissa Nehl Gehl 1 year ago

I feel like its a full nights sleep if I only have to get out of bed once.

Megan Snyder 1 year ago

Mine have STTN since birth. Breastfeeding & bed sharing rock. I average 7 hours a night with a toddler and a baby. And no man to prod me in the back with a penis or wake me for sex.

#singlemama #winning

Nicky Gutek 1 year ago

Sorry I just needed to while just a little bit lol

Melissa Wetters 1 year ago

I think no sleep should be a rite of passage for motherhood…sigh…

Rachael Wilson 1 year ago

No joke, my youngest, who is TEN woke me up at 330am two days ago because “my brain wants to go to sleep but my body isn’t tired yet!”…..

Rachael 1 year ago

My 10 (TEN) year old woke me up at 330 in the morning because “my brain wants to go to sleep but my body isn’t tired!” ……

Nicky Gutek 1 year ago

Ha I just made a snarley comment on another post about its not only new parents who dont get sleep then I seen this. I am so tired I have such a nasty head ache and lucky me I am off to go get groceries. I feel like I will never sleep again. :(

Hana Ballard 1 year ago

My 18 month old sleeps from 8pm til 815 am 😉

Rachel Cooper 1 year ago

Danae Janz this made me laugh! ….just don’t read any of the comments because people are ridiculous hahaha. (Because parenting is a competition and whoever sleeps longest wins…obviously.)

Lisa-Marie Dugan 1 year ago

I am lucky. I have two under two and they both sleep from 8:30ish-9 am
Please don’t hate me lol like I said, very lucky!!!

Jessika Mason 1 year ago

At least folks warn us about the lack of sleep! :) Our first was not a great sleeper. Our second is pretty good most of the time. Looking forward to being a retiree and sleeping uninterrupted someday! lol

Tiffany Sears 1 year ago

oh brother. I slept wonderfully from the time my daughter was a year old. We are not sleeping again because our son is only a couple months old but children absolutely NEED a lot of night sleep and as long as they get it there is no reason parents shouldn’t as well, even after siphoning off time for each other

Lauren Toria 1 year ago

This makes me very nervous!! My 2 year old has been an excellent sleeper (much like her dad), she tells us she wants to sleep and after giving us a hug and kiss will curl up and fall asleep on her own. She even pretends to sleep. For fun. Buuuut, I’m pregnant again and the odds of this happening again sounds slim. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts, I guess….

Erika Bartz Wakefield 1 year ago

You will sleep, but it will not be like the sleep you had before kids. I nap with my kids all the time and I don’t feel an ounce of guilt for doing so!!!

Nancy Dias Greene 1 year ago

Oh dear God!

Ariel Van Neil 1 year ago

Haha my 2 year old since 5 months has slept through the night but our 3 year old think sleep isn’t necessary and we have another on the way. Hmm

Alana Wood 1 year ago

Not to braaaaag or anything, but I have never played the ever popular “you will never sleep again” game. I have 3 kids, and I get 6-8 hours of sleep every night on the reg (otherwise I would be momzilla) and I have since they were toddlers. For me, it was all about the approach. 😉

Alecia Clark 1 year ago

^^my first. Great sleeper. This one… not at all. Thankfully he wasn’t the first.

Anita Wrightner-Dotson 1 year ago

My child didn’t start sleeping through the night until she was 3 years old…which would explain why she’s an only child (momma too pooped to whoop).

Amanda 1 year ago

I have always had great sleepers! Aside from the occasional sick kiddos. Even through teething they slept through the night! However I have noticed my baby wearing-co sleeping friends have 2 year olds that still wake up 6 times a night (no thanks)

Lulus Henriette Salter Stavri 1 year ago

Indeed, the worst memory of my motherhood was the lack of sleep, during the first year.

Allison Diehl 1 year ago

One of mine has made it into the teen years, and I can assure you that they really do learn to sleep…..eventually.

Michele Lucchine 1 year ago

thankful I followed babywise and had the babies sleeping 6+ hours at 6-7 weeks old- both of mine sleep 10-12 hrs now, its amazing what sleep does for you, its hard to funtion when you are sleep deprived. I think I sleep more w/ kids now cause I need the energy to get up the next morning, lol!

Agora 1 year ago

Thanks to all of you for clearing up my ambiguities about whether I want kids. After reading tons of articles on here, and tons of confessions, my conclusion is– NO. I don’t. As much as I adore them, which I do, and as much as I connect with and enjoy kids, my illusions that I can be the exception to the rule on some of this stuff through excellent parenting and commitment (ha) are now smashed. Thank God that happened before I got myself into something I can’t get out of. I never would have wanted to be the mom that realizes she wasn’t cut out for this AFTER the fact. Really appreciate the save.

Kylie 1 year ago

My husband asked me the other day when was the last time I slept peacefully all night? He said I was way exaggerating when I said 2.5 years. Our daughter is 1. 1 year of babyhood+9 mos of pregnancy bathroom wake ups+ 2 miscarriages every 3 mos before becoming pregnant with our daughter, and my bladder never was quite the same after that first pregnancy. So yeah 29 mos. I guess. But who knows I didn’t sleep well last night. Lol

Liz 1 year ago

Funny read. It’s certainly true that there is no Sleeping Through the Night as a constant. But, really, EVERYONE tells new moms that they’ll never get any sleep. Ever. How about this: Moms (especially pregnant ladies), sleep becomes way less important in your life—and that won’t even really matter to you.

Nuru 1 year ago

Too funny! I believe my cat and DS11m have a conspiracy against me. If DS isn’t cutting a tooth or having some kind of mild cold, the cat is waking me up to get fed or some attention since her competition is asleep. Let us not forget if these 2 have managed to let me get to 3am peacefully inevitably I will have to get up to pee!
Since I have yet to find an overnight diaper that actually keeps DS comfortable all night, I have become the middle of the night diaper ninja able to change a fussing, not yet fully awake, baby’s 10lb diaper without turing on a light and we are both asleep in minutes unless we are not….

Rachael 1 year ago

Funnily enough I was awake half the night because of my 2 and a half year old, as usual. So this is ringing very true to me. I haven’t had a full nights sleep since she was born back in 2011. I’ve had a third baby since then who, sadly, is starting to keep the same frustrating routine, an early morning (like 3:30am) wake up call.

There really is such a focus on the sleeping habits of babies, but not a lot of talk about the habits of toddlers and even preschoolers, it’s very disheartening to think you’re the only one who has this problem!

Kim 1 year ago

Your forgot “when you finally, after 16 months of sleep deprivation, get your toddler to sleep from 8:30-6, you fall pregnant again and have to get up three times a night to use the bathroom” :S

Krysia 1 year ago

Ha! How perfect is it that I’m awake at 2:53 am not because I want to but because my 2 month old can’t fall back to sleep unless he is held, I jump on SM to keep myself awake, and find this article? THIS is how I feel right now, that I’ll never sleep again for all the reasons she posted about the later years.