Freedom And Just Nips For All: New Product Lets You 'Look Cold, But Feel Hot'

Just Nips

If you’ve ever longed for the “My nipples just got a good tweaking” look, but haven’t been able to master it on your own, you are in luck:

Just Nips for All, a company started by Molly Borman, sells fake, stick-on nipples so you can “look cold, but feel hot.”

Yes, you read that right.

They come in two sizes: cold and freezing, and each set can be worn up to 10 times. They can be worn inside, or outside, of your bra depending on the look you’re going for.

But Borman isn’t selling them just to get people talking; her journey has been an inspiring one.

Rita Templeton

Borman told Scary Mommy she has always loved the “cold look” and last fall, right before the 2016 election, it felt like a very “girl power” moment and she knew it was the time to go for it.

Just Nips kind of started off as a gag gift idea, but Borman had a purpose too. She wanted to raise money for breast cancer research, but she wasn’t sure how to incorporate the two ideas.

“My initial vision was to get self-check breast exam instructions in every box,” she says, which makes perfect sense because you are sticking them on your breasts anyway. But Borman says there weren’t any doctors or organizations that wanted to get involved with her in the early days. “People just didn’t get it,” she says.

She was frustrated, but continued to work hard on her product making sure it was safe and comfortable.

Her website was up for only three days when Just Nips went viral. “Women were buying Just Nips to wear to the Women’s March! We totally sold out! It was a crazy, amazing time, and it gave us creditability,” she says.

It wasn’t long before Keep A Breast Foundation reached out to Borman and they now feature the Self Breast Exam instructions on Just Nips packages.

It has reached the point where Borman hears from hundreds of women who are sharing their stories about losing their nipples through breast cancer and reconstructive surgery, and they loved her product. “We now match all orders with donations to various breast cancer support groups, organizations, hospitals, and more.” Freaking awesome.

Borman hopes her company reaches and helps as many women as possible and will continue to be very active in the breast cancer community.

She also wants to encourage other women to start their own companies and follow through with their vision, no matter what. “I lost count of how many people laughed in my face, told me I was an idiot, and suggested I light my savings account on fire because it would have the same outcome as starting this company,” she says.

But whose laughing now? Just Nips became profitable in a mere seven weeks and has helped hundreds of women who have gone through a very traumatic experience. “Our biggest orders and reorders are from women who have gone through breast cancer and breast reconstruction,” she says.

So if you’ve always wanted that “I’m cold” look but didn’t think you could pull it off, think again. Get yourself some nips, wear them proudly, and know you are helping a lot of women at the same time.