You Might Be A Grandma If...

by Anne Bardsley
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You might be a Grandma if:

• When your daughter calls complaining that the toddlers have soaked the bathroom floor from splashing in the toilet, you ask for pictures and laugh hysterically. (When your kids did this you locked yourself in the bathroom and cried.)

• Your grandchild asks for Cheetos for breakfast and you say, “Of course, you can have Cheetos instead of oatmeal.” Then you rationalize they must have cheese in them; hence their name. Cheese is dairy and builds strong bones. (Your kids had oatmeal or eggs daily.)

• When your grandchild tells the mailman, “Grandmom has old boobs,” you smile with pride. After all, she is talking about your old boobs, not the other grandmom’s. (Oh this was sooo not funny when our kids did this.)

• When the phone rings and it’s a babble-fest with a fourteen month-old that goes on and on, you smile and feel like the Pope is calling you…only this is even better.

• When your daughter calls to tell you about the twenty minute temper tantrum in the grocery store, you want ALL the details. You laugh hysterically at the little one’s spirit. (This was not funny when your children pulled this crap.)

• Sleeping in a single bed with a granddaughter feels like Christmas morning. There is nothing like waking up to a little face looking at you wide-eyed and smiling. (When your kids slept in your bed you woke up like a grizzly bear.)

• You sing silly songs two hundred times a day and you know all the dance moves to match the songs. (With your kids you turned off that damn music after the first thirty times.)

• Noticing little creatures like tree frogs, ants and lightening bugs is a real treat. (With your kids you swatted them away and kept running….always busy.)

• When you look back at all those hectic, crazy years, a tear comes to your eye. You miss those days. You realize they really were the best days of our life.

Then you are officially a Grandma.

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