Young Girls Showing Up To March Will Restore Your Faith In The Future

by Julie Scagell
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The kids of this year’s Women’s March will give you all the feels

If you ever wanted faith that the next generation knows what’s up, look no further than this weekend’s Women’s March. The images coming out of this weekend will make your heart full — not only for what we are all continuously fighting for — but to see the faces of the people who will be continuing on long after we are gone.

This year’s Women’s March was arguably just as emotional that the last, because we as a nation are more resolute than ever. We’ve seen the first year of the Trump presidency and no one is taking it lying down — least of all our offspring.

Sure, some of them may too young to fully comprehend the powerful messages emblazoned on the signs they are holding — but here’s the thing — they are out there. They are smart, perceptive kids who still know a ton more than most of us give them credit for.

And they are awesome:

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Let’s be honest, we are all feeling this one:

It’s been one long damn year. Not only for what we all see happening right in front of our eyes, but for the impacts our children will face down the road. Approximately 800,000 DACA kids are in limbo about their status in the US, there have been huge cuts to education, and there are major implications to our daughter’s future reproductive rights.

So, why wouldn’t parents bring their kids out in droves to help further the cause and show them exactly what’s at stake for their future?

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It’s clear by the pictures, kids get it. We may think they don’t hear or see what’s going on, but kids know what’s up. Lucky for us, it looks like there are some pretty proactive kids who understand the importance of protesting and ensuring their voices are heard.

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Why wouldn’t we want to show our kids the power that can happen when a bunch of people with the same common goals rallies together to demand change?

“We’re taking the energy that has been galvanized by the march a year ago and turning it into a strategy and into concrete actions to really effect change,” Erycka Montoya, an organizer with the Women’s March, said.

And our kids will be the ones to continue to march forward.

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