People Are Here For Zac Efron's New Look On Netflix Show

Fans Are Definitely Thirsty For Zac Efron In His New Docuseries


Zac Efron travels the globe, often shirtless, on his new show “Down to Earth”

If you haven’t yet seen the new travel show called Down to Earth starring Zac Efron, you should hop to it real quick-like. The series focuses on global foods, cultures, and sustainability which is obviously very important but so is the chance to see the 32-year-old heartthrob shirtless in the middle of the Amazon jungle.

Twitter exploded into a sea of hormones over the weekend after the premiere of Efron’s new Netflix show. The show follows Efron and  health guru Darin Olien around the world where they have many adventures — none more gasp-worthy than Efron’s new rugged, manly, “weren’t you just a baby starring in High School Musical and now you look a snack,” dad bod physique.