From The Confessional: Parents Think Zoom School Is A Total Nightmare

by Cassandra Stone
Justin Paget/Getty

One month into the virtual school year and these parents have HAD IT

Hello and welcome to hell, oh, sorry, not hell — but close enough. Zoom school/virtual school/e-learning/distance learning/whatever the hell you want to call it is in its infancy, and basically everyone is over it already.

For the 2020-2021 school year, “back to school” has changed dramatically for many families across the country, and for many parents, the “classroom” is now the dining room table. Most districts are offering virtual learning or a hybrid of at-home learning and in-person learning, and honestly, all of it is stressful for everyone involved. Fun!

“As of September 2, 73% of the 100 largest school districts have chosen remote learning only as their back-to-school instructional model, affecting over 8 million students,” Education Week reports. The goal of remote learning is to recreate the classroom experience and schedule that kids would typically follow if they were physically in school. Sounds great! Except most parents are trying to balance their kids’ rigorous daily schedules with their own full-time work schedules. And technical malfunctions for both. And snacks. And meals.

Concentration and productivity are part of our pre-COVID lives and now we all just want to cry. So it comes as no surprise that parents all over the country have showed up to our Confessional to let it all out. ZOOM SCHOOL IS A TOTAL NIGHTMARE, Y’ALL.

Virtual learning is killing me. My daughter is only in Kindergarten so I have to do everything with her, then I work a night job. I barely have time to shower.

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Virtual learning is a nightmare!

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(Hence the title of this article.)

Virtual learning for little kids and working full time is not freaking sustainable long term. Something has to give. Parents cannot keep doing this without school, work or mental health suffering. I am exhausted & we're only 3 weeks in.

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So fucking tired of this virtual school bullshit. My kids are not learning and being in front of a screen this much is not good for them , they are 5 for fucks sake !

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I hate virtual school. H A T E. Fuck this shit. I don’t care if we have to fake some of the stuff they post online.

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I fucking hate virtual learning. ItS terrible for me and my kids.

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My daughter is starting virtual kindergarten this week and I can’t stop crying. I am so angry at those who let it come to this. My sweet baby is paying the price for their incompetence and inaction.

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Half-way through day two of virtual school. That’s how long it took for my kid to be 100% over it.

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Feeling this on a spiritual level right now. US, TOO KID.

So anxious! Working from home FT and staying on top of virtual school for DD... and just the state of everything in the US. Cannot relax and scared to hope things will improve.

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We started virtual on Monday. My 9 yo son has ADHD. It has been incredibly difficult to help him with his work. I show him where to find the answers he needs, and he just can’t grasp it. I yelled at him for not understanding & I feel awful. I apologized.

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I hate virtual learning

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I hate virtual teaching.

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There’s a support group for this — it’s called “every parent/teacher” and they meet at the bar. LOL just kidding, we’re in hell and bars are now cesspools for disease.

Virtual school while working full time might just be the end of me.

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I am super introverted and have major social anxiety. At first I thought zoom school for the kids would be a blessing , but having the teachers and students practically in my house every morning is making me lose my mind.

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Will the introverts ever be alone again? Asking for a friend.

Good schools, teachers are really trying hard, but damn, I'm already sick of tracking zoom meetings and pushing my kids to finish schoolwork. Shouldn't I get paid for this???

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My kid's first grade teacher just told the kids they can't be in their pajamas for their Zoom classes. Nah, sorry, my kid can wear whatever they want in their own home. Also, I hate my kid's teacher.

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I broke down during my 3rd grader's Zoom class. While talking to the teacher: on camera, uncombed hair, and braless infront of the whole class.

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Yelled at my ds for misbehaving in front of zoom class , & I don’t know if the microphone was muted or not. Now I'm wondering if all these people heard me freak out. I didn’t sign up to be a parent in front of 30 people every morning.

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I never signed up to be mother, teacher and tech guru. We are only on day 3 of distance learning, but the highs, lows and intensity of getting everyone online on zoom is making me doubt my sanity.

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Basically, we are not okay. But at least we’re not alone.