Your 1 Year Old Toddler Week 21

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Making messes of all kinds!


Welcome to month 17! At this point your child is probably mastering walking or is beginning to climb steps and explore furniture. Baby proofing will have to be double checked once again as toddlers in this stage begin to aspire to new heights. And new ways to make messes.

Speaking of making messes, you might be wondering about potty training soon. Don’t hold your breath! The average age for potty training starts around the second and sometimes third year of life. In the meantime you can prepare your child by starting the potty conversation now with board books, pull up style diapers, and a portable potty seat.

Do you find yourself clamoring to keep up with the toddler toy messes? By month 17 toddlers are usually able to follow simple directions like “Don’t smack the dog with your board book!” or “Don’t dump yogurt on your head!” Make cleaning up toys a fun game by seeing who can toss the most toys in the bin first. Since your child is looking for ways to expend that pent-up toddler energy, this is a great way to cross one more thing off your to-do list.

Scary Mommy Tip: Kids need plenty of exercise to burn off their urge to climb and run — new skills they are no doubt itching to try out. Turn on some music and start dancing, have your kid help with clean up time, or go outside and just go crazy. Whatever the physical activity, make sure to get your body moving too!


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