Your 1 Year Old Toddler Week 28

by Scary Mommy
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Are You Starting to Hum Annoying Kids’ Songs to Yourself?


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So, the uppity mom in the Tiny Tadpoles swim class won’t shut up about her toddler being able to speak in full sentences, huh? I bet she even openly pondered signing up her little Einstein for French or Italian. Toddlers at this age generally average 15–20 recognizable words, so fear not, mama!

Want to increase your child’s vocabulary? Reading to your child will boost vocabulary but so will simply talking with your child. Chat about everything from words for manners all the way to boogers and farts. When your child pronounces a word incorrectly and ends up with a hilarious outcome try not to laugh – that’s what Facebook is for, people – and instead gently correct your toddler.

Are you starting to hum annoying kids’ songs to yourself? Those incredibly annoying theme song jingles that hook kids might be on to something! Try using the songs to help your child increase his verbal skills. Music and literacy light up different parts of the brain, so including music can be a great way to reinforce pre-literacy skills.

Scary Mommy Tip: No one will blame you for wanting to grab those earplugs when your toddler figures out that he can talk. A lot. Now is perfect time to begin introducing the idea of “inside voice” and “outside voice” as well as “quiet time” when talking is at a bare minimum!


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