Your 15 Week Old Baby


Your 15 Week Old Baby

Trust Your Gut and Call the Pediatrician at 2am if You Must

Your Baby Week 15


By this point, you’re probably either getting out and about more often with your baby, or sending him to daycare. Either way – unless you’re keeping him in a plastic bubble – he’s going to be exposed to more germs. (Yay.) To help ward them off, practice judicious hand-washing, carry sanitizer with you, minimize baby’s close contact with people, and avoid situations where you know someone is or has recently been sick.

It’s tough to recognize when babies are sick sometimes, because random periods of fussiness aren’t all that unusual. And no one wants to be “that mom” who frantically dials the pediatrician at 2 a.m. because baby sniffled. But by this time, you’ve had your baby long enough to have a baseline knowledge of what’s normal for him – so if something about his behavior seems out of the ordinary, or there’s a sudden unexplained change in his poop or his appetite, or he’s running a low fever, it doesn’t hurt to call. Trust your gut: your maternal instinct is probably sharper than you give yourself credit for!

When baby is feeling better, you can resume one of your most important parental duties: TAKING ADORABLE PICTURES. You have produced the most beautiful and fascinating baby in the history of babies and it is your job to capture that for posterity. Don’t worry about the flash settings – natural light is the best (try taking pictures in front of west-facing windows in the morning hours or east-facing in the afternoon). Get down on her level, clear any clutter out of the way, and make sure you schedule your photo shoot for a time when she’s happy and content. And don’t forget to focus in on the details: those tiny, round little toes, or her beautiful long eyelashes. Even if you’re just taking pictures with your phone, there are tons of apps to make the end result look like something you paid for. Most importantly: Don’t forget to actually get IN the picture once in a while!


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