20 Hilarious Tweets People Obsessed With Skin Care And Makeup Can Relate To

by Joanna McClanahan
Twitter / @smeezi

For some, skincare is not just a routine, it’s practically a religion. These people take their morning and nighttime rituals very seriously, and preach to anyone who’ll listen about their favorite acids, toners, serums, and masks.

The skin care obsessed understand that cleansing away impurities on your skin is basically like cleansing your soul. They seem to know way too much about “hard water” vs. “soft water.” And they justify their costly purchases as a worthwhile, long-term investment in beautiful skin.

Then there are the people who LOVE makeup, and understand you get what you pay for. These people are often found in their natural habitat, Sephora, and I’m really not sure how any of them can shop there and also afford rent.

Luckily, the people of Twitter understand understand these obsessions better than anyone.

Like how we won’t diet or exercise, but our skin is always 100%:

We have our priorities in check:

But we’ve found our favorite products through trial and error:

We even have a stash of backup products we love “just in case”:

Although it makes traveling a little more complicated:

But it’s definitely worth it in the end:

Bless whoever accidentally discovered exfoliating:

And I’ll never understand how some people have the best skin without even trying:

The makeup obsessed understand the power of a good beauty regimen:

And leave the haters in the dust:

Then there’s Sephora, a magical place with its own native tongue:

And whether you want them to or not…

The salespeople will find you:

But it will cost you:

Unless you can con someone else into paying for it:

Or you’re lucky enough to catch stuff on sale:

But for most of us, this sums it up:

And pretty soon you’ll start rethinking your life decisions:

But in the end, you know it’s worth it:

Because a good regimen can fix anything:

Skincare and makeup obsessions give us more than just beauty; they give us some sense of control in a world that feels increasingly out of control. And that in itself is worth every penny.