Your Baby at 20 Weeks


Your Baby at 20 Weeks Old

You’re One Step Closer to Not Looking Like An Extra From “The Walking Dead”

Scary Mommy Your Baby Week 20

Great news! If he hasn’t started already, your baby might begin sleeping through the night right about now. Hallelujah! Finally, you are one step closer to not looking like an extra on The Walking Dead and can resume conducting yourself in a manner consistent with humanity.

A word of caution, though: Don’t get too excited. Many pediatricians consider “sleeping through the night” to be a mere five hours, so unless you want to endure a fresh hell unlike any other you’ve experienced to date, you should probably save the whiskey shots and table dancing for another 16 years or so.

Want to try out some of that slap-stick comedy you’ve been dying to perform? Now’s the perfect time to beta test your material on your baby. That’s because at this age, a baby’s brain development is to the point where he’ll laugh at all those silly things you do. So give him your best cross-eyes and goofy tongue. Just don’t be mad when he laughs uncontrollably after you accidentally slip and fall on the kitchen floor because somebody (not pointing fingers, but it was totally your partner) spilled water and neglected to clean it up.

Now that baby may be getting a bit more nighttime shut-eye, you should, too. It’s tempting to want to dive into other things, such as paying those bills that have been staring you down for a week or actually showering for the first time in days, but try to get some rest. Besides, nobody thinks you smell as bad as you think you smell. (Probably.)



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