Your 21 Week Old Baby


Your 21 Week Old Baby


Oh, Crap. It’s Time to Clean up Your Language

Scary Mommy Your Baby Week 21


What’s that sweet sound you hear? It could be your baby uttering that first blessed word — hopefully “Mama.” That’s because at this stage, babies are imitating the sounds they hear their loved ones making and exploring their own communication abilities. To help with this, be sure your baby can clearly see your face when you talk to her so she can watch your lips move and attempt to do the same.

Just remember: Baby will eventually start imitating everything you say, so maybe keep the colorful language to a minimum. The last thing you need is for baby’s second word to be of the not-so-good four-letter variety. But if you slip up? Well, shit. Maybe you can just start to implement some rules for swearing early. Never hurts to make expectations clear from the start, right?

Curious why baby sometimes seems to prefer solitude to your warm embrace? It’s not that she hates you and thinks you’re ruining her life — yet. It might be because babies at this age are starting to enjoy entertaining themselves as they make sense of their surroundings and themselves. So set baby down, put your feet up, and enjoy a moment of peace. A brief moment, sure, but a moment nevertheless. Take it where you can get it, right?

Enjoy the sweet interaction with your baby when she is interested in girl chat now, because before you know it, she will be a tweenager, and you’ll be hearing more grunts than words when that stage hits. Believe it.


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