This 3-Year-Old’s Reddit AMA Is Hilariously Profound

by Christina Marfice

“What are your thoughts on naps? Grapes.”

Toddlers can get pretty (accidentally) profound and philosophical, and it’s about time the internet took advantage of that.

Twenty-seven-year-old Matthew Clark tapped into his three-year-old son Caleb’s infinite wisdom after he discovered Reddit’s Ask Me Anything subreddit, where regular people can answer questions from the internet about regular things. Clark decided to start a thread for Caleb. “I’m 3. I know everything. AMA,” he wrote in the title.

In the description, he added, “I’m his dad and will ask him any questions you send so long as they are appropriate.”

And then the internet did what the internet does and took this silly idea and made it into something truly hilarious.

The questions ranged from silly ones, like “What are your thoughts on naps?” and “What does the speed of light mean to you?”

Caleb solved some Redditors’ burning questions.

Things definitely got weird once or twice.

But through it all, Caleb answered questions in the sweet, adorably profound way only a three-year-old can. It’s too pure for this world, honestly.

Caleb answered questions off and on for days, as more and more people discovered his AMA.

And maybe his answers weren’t always technically correct, but they were always hilarious.

See more of Caleb’s answers here.

H/T: Buzzfeed