You Can Buy A 51,300-Piece Puzzle Because Go Big, Or Go Home

by Valerie Williams
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You Can Buy A 51,300-Piece Puzzle Because Go Big, Or Go Home

If you have the time and space, this 51,300-piece puzzle might be your ultimate quarantine activity

If your coronavirus quarantine activity of choice has been puzzles, you’ve probably graduated over the weeks from 300-piece to 500 to 1,000 and maybe even 2,000. Have you reached the end of the road as far as challenging puzzles to do during this long period of self-isolating? If so, you might be wondering — what’s next? Well, we have the answer. An absolutely insanely huge puzzle available on Amazon. Your quarantine boredom has met its match.

The Kodak-brand 27 Wonders of the World puzzle is a dizzying 51,300 pieces. We talked it over among Scary Mommy editors and none of us even have a space in our homes to craft a puzzle this large, but if your garage is empty and a comfortable temperature, maybe this will be a thing you can pull off. Or, if you’re in the market for something a little less, uh, intense there are plenty of other family puzzles that’ll fit in your living room. Did we mention it’s 51,300 pieces?


Literally, it’s 28 feet wide, you guys. Who has that kind of space at home? I certainly don’t, but it’s broken up into 27 destinations, all split up into 1,900 pieces each, all packaged in separate bags. Theoretically, you could buy this baby and just have 27 whole entire puzzles under 2,000 pieces each and that feels a lot more doable. Or maybe combine a few and have a puzzle that’s only like, eight feet long. Just plan to have the family eat dinner on the couch for a few weeks because the kitchen table will be, shall we say, occupied.


The 27 Wonders depicted on this beast include the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, and many more. Amazon claims it’s “the world’s largest puzzle,” and honestly, it’s hard to imagine one bigger than this.

Puzzles are having a somewhat unexpected resurgence in popularity while we’re all spending so much time at home. There aren’t too many activities a family can do all together that aren’t screen-related, but puzzles are fun, can be done as a group, and typically don’t cost too much. It helps keep the mind active and gives a sense of accomplishment, plus, it’s pretty darn entertaining.

This bad boy is currently on sale for $409.99, so that works out to around $15 per puzzle if you do all 27 one at a time. That’s kind of a bargain when it comes to entertaining your family for an untold number of weeks while sheltering in place. You might want to order it quickly, though. Judging by the number of completed puzzles in my Facebook feed, a lot of folks will probably be ordering up this monster.

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