8 Totally Ridiculous Things Parents Do When Texting Their Kids

by Sasha Kogan
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2. Using perfect grammar all the time.

And then chastising us with said perfect grammar 🙁 (It’s really okay to get rid of your capital letters and punctuation every once in a while guys!!)

3. Using odd grammar rules that aren’t necessary.

(Please stop using colons and random ellipses, Dad.)

4. Then, when we don’t have perfect grammar, thinking we’re intoxicated.

How else am I supposed to react when you tell me you’re at a party with Kyle Chandler??

5. Texting us in short intervals to tell us exactly what they’re doing.

… At every moment.

6. Sending random and uncomfortable selfies.

Like this one.

7. Making fun of us…

Like so.

And the classic:

Overusing emojis. -______-

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