Your 9 Week Old Baby


Your 9 Week Old Baby

Will I Ever Sleep Again?

Scary Mommy Baby Week 9


By now you’re probably asking the question that all exhausted new parents ask: when oh when can I look forward to a decent night’s sleep again?! The good news is, the answer is not “never.” The bad news? It’ll probably be another couple of months – at least – before your little bundle of energy powers down enough to sleep through the night. (Sorry.)

However, he should be gaining some awareness of when he is “supposed” to sleep, staying awake longer during the day and getting sleepy in the evenings. To reinforce this, establish a soothing bedtime routine: for example, feeding, bath, story or lullaby, and bed. Even if it doesn’t work out as smoothly as it seems like it should, it’s still setting a relaxed tone for the evening and signaling to your baby that it’s time to chill.

You may have noticed an increase in drool (ew!) and might be wondering if teething is a possibility. Most likely, no – although early teethers do exist, chances are that at this point it’s just the salivary glands kicking into overdrive.

The worst part – for you! – is that it’s time for baby’s vaccinations (at this age, five in total). They’re harmless little pokes for her, but trust me: you’ll feel like a sadistic monster as you help hold her still. Just keep reminding yourself that they’re for her protection, and sing her a little song to help keep both of you calm during the process. When you get home, you can ice the injection site and give her some infant pain reliever (like Tylenol) for the pain, but she still may be fussy. At least the hard part is over – until four months, when she gets the next round!


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