From The Confessional: The Abortion Law In Texas Is An Attack On Women, And We're Prepared To Fight

by Team Scary Mommy

Between their open-carry “everyone gets a gun!” policies (or lack of policies?) and horrific restrictions of women’s rights, it’s a wonder the Texas state flag isn’t just a giant H for hypocrisy. Their leaders won’t enforce mask mandates that would save lives, and they loosened the rules on gun permit requirements, even though Texas has one of the highest percentages of gun violence per capita in the U.S. Yet, in order to pass their latest trick—this abortion ban that’s actually just an assault on people with uteruses—they do it in the name of being “pro-life.”

That’s right, folks. Protect children from mass-shooters? Nah. Protect them from a highly contagious, deadly virus? Nope. But keep women barefoot and pregnant with nowhere to turn—that’s how we’ll prove we’re “pro-life!” WTF, Texas?

It’s gross. It’s hypocritical. And it’s an absolutely heinous infringement on women’s rights to control their own reproductive organs.

Look, it's simple. If you don't believe in abortions, don't have one. But don't deny safe access to abortions for others.

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Here’s the thing that stupid conservatives just don’t understand. Abortions are still going to happen. Now they’re just going to be grossly unsafe and even more people are going to die. So put that in your pro life pipe and smoke it.

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There is no such thing as banning abortions, there is only banning safe, legal abortions.

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No government body is going to actually “ban” abortions. Abortions have taken place for hundreds of years—maybe more. All this law does is fail to protect people who are or can get pregnant. Furthermore, statistically, do you know what actually reduces abortions? It’s not archaic laws like this one, Texas. It’s comprehensive sex education, widely available birth control, and accessible health care. If you actually wanted to reduce the number of abortions that take place in your state, you’d go that route instead. But you’re not. Because that’s not really what it’s about, is it?

People who think the only acceptable time to have an abortion is when you're in dire straits are, in my opinion, just as bad as the anti-choicers. "I do not want a baby" is the only reason anyone should need, and it's nunya fucking business what else.

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I don't want to have a baby right now is a perfectly valid reason for an abortion. You would never have an abortion? great. That doesn't mean that no one should have access to safe, legal abortion

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I 100% advocate for women's right to an abortion. I am also annoyed at the abortion support statements going around that center rape/fetal anomalies as "valid" reasons for abortion. All reasons for abortion are valid.

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The truth is, people with uteruses don’t need a tragedy or heart-breaking story to justify their reproductive rights. It’s not really anyone’s business what their “story” is.

Until men can carry a child, are held responsible for child care and are actually punished for rape/assault, men get no say in abortion.

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I love my husband to death, but he gets NO say whatsoever in whether or not I get an abortion. No man does, or should, regardless of his 'contribution'. Saying a man has a say is like saying he owns a stake in your body. Abso-fucking-lutely not.

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Abortion done. It was excruciating. Guy who knocked me up wasn’t involved in the process. Told me to call him when it’s done so we can pick up where we left off. WHY are men? (Yes that question is complete).

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Yes, why ARE men? Imagine if it were them who had to carry a pregnancy full-term, birth the baby, and then be saddled with the weight and responsibility of bringing a child into this world. Imagine how different this entire conversation would be.

The only good thing to come out of Texas’ stupid abortion ban & open carry laws, is that now Kentucky, where I have the misfortune of living, no longer looks like the biggest example of redneck Hell in the country.

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I'm turning 36 soon and had an abortion 10 years ago in Texas. I have never regretted it for one second. I couldn't get a doctor to put an IUD in bc I didn't have kids. Pro-lifers, all you really care about is punishing women for having sex. I hate you

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At dad's house & brought up TX abortion law to his wife. Her reply "well don't get pregnant then you won't need an abortion." She is 75 & the most helpless entitled person I know. If karma is real, she needs to come back as a poor woman in the south.

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As a TX seminary student I assure you of the following: the same people who applaud this abortion ban & open carry BS are the same people who refuse to vaccinate and wear masks. These liars are not pro life, and they are most assuredly not Christian.

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WTF is going on, Texas? Your obsession with controlling uteruses and not really being “pro-life” in any other way is confusing, and frankly, barbaric.

The same people outlawing abortions are screaming and crying about their right to be anti mask/vax because “my body, my choice. The irony is blinding. Must be why they can’t see it. They definitely aren’t pro-life, just anti women having any power.”

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They may have banned abortions but you know damn well their kids and mistresses will be able to get one if they become 'in a family way'

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My aunt worked for planned parenthood, she told me that conservative Christians are notorious for getting secret abortions- because of course those hypocritical assholes are!

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texas mom here who is so angry about the religious right usurping our reproductive rights. it makes me sick. you can bet these same assholes will be arranging abortions for the women they have affairs with. how could we let this happen???

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Oh, the hypocrisy is thick, isn’t it? How you only use pieces of Christianity to suit your narrative? How you’ll still ensure certain pregnancy “scandals” will go away, conveniently? How you’ll claim that having a 13-year old wear a mask to protect them from Covid is “child abuse” but forcing that same child—a rape victim—to endure a pregnancy somehow is not? What in the actual fuck?

Well we sure hope Texas (and any other back-ass-wards state government who follows suit) is prepared for a fight, because that’s what they’re going to get. We will march. We will yell. We will petition. We will link arms with each other and help women, however they need us to.

And guess what else we will do? We will vote, you misogynistic, 1950s-loving, vile sacks of flesh. And you will be gone. Don’t get comfortable signing laws with your fancy pen, Richard. Because we are the future. You are not.