From The Confessional: Grown-Up Mean Girls Are The F*cking Worst

by Cassandra Stone

Mean girls: they grow up to be parents of mean kids, teachers, nurses, and even our neighbors. These confessions about mean girls are downright JUICY.

The thing about mean girls is that they’re usually mean as kids for reasons beyond their control. Meaning they were likely victims of their own parents or home environment. But the thing to remember as they grow up is that even victims can be perpetrators. It’s a vicious, mean girl cycle that never quits. Especially when there’s a huge lack of self-awareness happening. It doesn’t always look like Regina George, either.

The moms in our Confessional this week are spilling allllll the tea about the mean girls in their lives: friends, relatives, women down the street, fellow parents, and even their kids’ classmates. Once a mean girl, always a mean girl in many cases—we’re all victim to a patriarchal society, after all. But that doesn’t mean we have to put up with that sh*t.

Paging Desperate Housewives 2.0, amiright?

I live in a mean girl suburb. The women all want to claim they are kind and care about each other but the reality is much different. There is a thin line between love and hate

Confessional #25831145

I cut out all my toxic..drama queen..draining as fuck friends. I hate feeling so drained after hanging out with them. We’re in our 50’s and 60’s but they behave like high school girls. Plastic mean girls never outgrow it!

Confessional #25818602

SIL and MIL are a pair of fake, demanding bitchy mean girls. I’ll put up with them for DH’s sake, but after this weekend I am DONE subjecting my DD and DS to their bullshit.

Confessional #25817822

I find poetic justice in the middle school/highschool mean girl's daughters being two of the most hideous little trolls I've ever seen. Sorry bitch, all the nice clothes and hair bows don't make them less ugly.

Confessional #25815575

The worst is when you’ve been friends with someone for a long time and you grow up, but they…don’t. Many an adult friendship has been ruined because of this kind of divide.

My "friend" hasn't matured past 16. She still acts like she's a mean girl in high-school, except that she's just a frumpy middle aged mom.

Confessional #25815314

We live in a military base and our little neighborhood is filled with a bunch of bitchy mean girls who single out my daughter with no shame. I hope they all get fat in their teenage years.

Confessional #25807916

Teen DD's friends dropped her because we don't let her socialize (because of covid). Heart hurts for her and mad at those mean girls.

Confessional #25801897

HOO BOY did the pandemic bring all the mean girls to the yard, huh? Coming out of the woodwork with their judgment and cliques. All the more reason to stay six feet away, Linda!

These "mean girl" moms I avoid, their kid just joined my son's team. Damn, I hate having to be fake-nice.

Confessional #25799131

Looked up the mean girl from HS online -perfect man, job, kids, house. Haven’t seen her since graduation. Called her at work pretending to be a woman confessing to affair with her husband. Revenge only took 25 years.

Confessional #25785264

I still despise the mean girl from my HS just as much now as I did back then.

Confessional #25770505

My 10 year old daughter had a friend that now treats her like shit. I wish I could punch the little brat in the face. My poor daughter keeps wondering what she did wrong. Nothing dear. The little girl is just one of those mean girls.

Confessional #25768431

You can’t really know what version of you lives inside the minds of people you went to school with back in the day. Some people might have a great memory of you, others may have none at all, and some might think you were the biggest B to walk the halls.

One thing is for certain, though, and that’s this: truly, genuinely mean girls raise mean girls.

I still think about how the “mean girls treated me in college. I’m 35.”

Confessional #25765087

Seeing DD8 cry about the mean girls makes me cry, I remember how it felt to just want to fit in. Still feel that way, ‘cause mean girls grow up to be mean women. Teach your kids to be inclusive and kind! It makes such a difference!

Confessional #25757593

Sometimes I think the only thing the internet has really accomplished is to provide a new venue on which the "mean girls" can continue their nastiness after high school.

Confessional #25757559

I hope the "mean girl moms" know how small they make me feel when they pretend I don't exist. When I'm standing right next to them. I hope one day they have to experience that feeling for themselves, and I hope they are overcome with shame.

Confessional #25753533

Adult women are just as capable of being competitive, shallow, untrustworthy, non-inclusive, and just plain mean as their younger selves. Some people are truly incapable of growth, and it’s not the burden of their victims to try and explain or fix the behavior. But coping with adult mean girls sure as hell isn’t easy, even if you’ve grown enough mentally and emotionally to know it’s them and not you.

Church has the worst mean girls. Middle Aged Mean Girls. I wouldn’t even care except that their spawn might hurt my little girl’s feelings. Then my husband and I have agreed that the gloves will come off.

Confessional #24726977

I had a friend who sent out a mass email about a friend in our mommy group's unibrow with a photo. Nasty mean girls don't end in high school. Cut ties with her, better off with no 'friends'.

Confessional #23864674

I let former HS mean girls friend requests sit in limbo on my FB account. No, you can't spy on my awesome life. Enjoy your mediocrity. You earned it.

Confessional #23425250

To all the mean girls: I don't want your husbands, but I sure will rub it in your faces that they want me. This is your karma for calling me anorexic and torturing me. Should've learned from the ugly duckling story. I'm the hot one now and I love it.

Confessional #23293450

If someone you know is the type of adult to make fun of someone’s looks and put people down because of their body, their appearance, their taste in music, their wardrobe, etc. please know they need help. Big time. Just pity them and move on.