Viral TikTok Praises All-Female Gym & Here Come The Male Tears

by Christina Marfice

Men really think an all-women gym is “segregation?” Here’s why we actually need it (Hint: It’s because of male behavior)

Recently, a TikTok video made by Heather Huesman, a 23-year-old server, went viral. The video showed Huesman’s experience working out at Blush Fitness, a gym in Kansas City that’s a safe place just for women.

Blush has a lot of great features that Huesman highlights in her video, like tinted windows that prevent people outside from seeing in, a locked front door that can only be opened by (female) members’ key fobs, free pads and tampons, and a sign that shows the exact hours when male staff will be in the building. Huesman was super enthusiastic about her time at Blush, and for good reason — it sounds, honestly, like a safe and peaceful place for women.

But in the comments, naturally, men came to share their ✨opinions✨. Mainly, they thought the concept of a safe space for women was not equal.

But there were some men who went so far as to call this “segregation,” which is so ridiculous no one should even waste breath arguing with it.

For those men, the ones who cannot fathom why women might want a space to work out where you’re not invited or even allowed, please, let me present the evidence.

There’s this TikToker, who was minding her own business at Planet Fitness when a man took pictures of her working out.

Oh, and this one, who was recording her workout so she actually has video of the man taking photos of her butt without her consent.

Don’t think this happens all the time? It does.

Oh, look, here’s a tutorial for us gals to cover our butts and crotches with a towel when we go to the gym, so creeps can’t see them. Because that’s obviously a great solution that works well for us. Boys, go do your workout with a towel tied around your waist and then kindly come back here and tell me how not annoying that was.

These are just the examples that exist on social media, because the women noticed it was happening or took photos or videos of men being creepy to them at the gym. Who knows how many instances of this behavior have happened that the poor women being targeted just didn’t notice?

So men, if you think all-female gyms are unfair and you don’t want them to exist, there’s a simple solution: Fix your shitty behavior. You’re literally the reason we need this.