Amy Schumer Hopes Her Son 'Doesn't Believe Her' About 2020 Someday

by Christina Marfice
Amy Schumer Takes Her Son To BLM Protests Every Single Day
Amy Schumer/Instagram

Amy Schumer is already teaching her son about activism, but still hoping things get a lot better before he’s old enough to understand

2020 has been one of the hardest years many of us have experienced in our lifetimes. In addition to the most divisive politics in recent history, we’re weathering a deadly pandemic and a nationwide reckoning over the systemic racism that’s built into so many of America’s institutions. And while Amy Schumer isn’t shying away from teaching her son about activism from a young age, including attending Black Lives Matter protests daily, she’s also hoping things get a lot better — soon enough that when little Gene asks about 2020, he “won’t believe” how bad things were.


Gene just turned a year old, and in a recent interview with E! News, Schumer explained how she and her husband, Chris Fischer, plan to teach him about all the injustices and pain that have been uncovered this year.

“I think we’re probably gonna keep it pretty real with Gene when he’s old enough,” she said. “I did get arrested while I was pregnant with him, so he’s already been arrested.”

That arrest happened in October of 2018, when Schumer — along with Emily Ratajkowski — was one of a group of protestors who were arrested while speaking out against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Schumer also revealed that Gene is going to grow up in a home that’s active in speaking out against injustice.

“I go to a protest every morning at 10:30 and he comes with me a lot, so he’ll know all about Black Lives Matter,” she said. “I hope he doesn’t even believe me when I tell him how awful things were.”

Schumer has always been pretty outspoken about causes she believes in. In recent weeks, she’s used her massive platform on social media to promote a number of Black Lives Matter-related causes, including Colin Kaepernick’s legal defense initiative, which she said she made a $100,000 donation to.


Schumer also posted a video of Gene and his father reading books together last month, with a heartbreaking caption.


“Today thinking about how I don’t have to be worried about my son being killed because of the color of his skin or his hair style,” she wrote. “Grateful to my sister Dana for teaching me and dealing with my clumsy, imperfect attempts at protesting, honoring and standing in solidarity.”

Amy Schumer is a shining example of how to use your privilege and platform for good. It sounds like she’s raising her son to follow in her impressive footsteps.