Amy Schumer Shares 'Cute' C-Section Scar On Instagram

by Valerie Williams
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Amy Schumer/Instagram and Noam Galai/Getty

Amy Schumer posted her “cute” c-section scar and we’re extremely here for it

Amy Schumer has never made any mystery of the ups and downs of pregnancy, motherhood, and everything in between. She’s shared her actual cell phone number to chat with fellow moms about IVF, she’s posted photos of herself pumping, a photo in those glam mesh hospital underwear, and even photos of her c-section scar, which she did again recently, much to our delight.

“Feeling like my c section looks cute today!” she captioned the naked mirror selfie. And like, it absolutely does look cute. Go Amy.

A c-section scar is something that a lot of moms try to hide (which is their prerogative) but no one should have to feel like it’s anything to cover up and feel ashamed over. We gave birth — surgically — it’s a badge of honor, TBH. C-sections are no joke.

And of course, this is far from the first time Schumer has shown the world her scar from having son Gene. She’s always been exactly this open about pregnancy, birth, and what comes afterward.

“I’m really sorry if I offended anyone with my hospital underwear. Except I’m just kidding,” she wrote in the caption of yet another amazing scar post.

There’s so much bizarre, shame-y talk surrounding how a woman gives birth and honestly, it’s such bullshit. There’s no “easy” way, there’s no “real” way, it’s all valid and every mom is a badass. That said, it’s been 11 years since my last surgical birth and I am still not overly fond of that little “shelf” above my scar, so it’s nice to see Schumer glorifying hers, reminding me that I should only feel pride when I glance at mine in the mirror.

Schumer has done a ton to “normalize” the less glamorous parts of pregnancy including sharing a lot of details about her awful struggle with hyperemesis gravidarum that left her sick throughout her pregnancy, sometimes bad enough to require a hospital visit. Schumer more recently explained that it’s because of her illness that she wouldn’t be able to carry another pregnancy herself. “It’s something that I can’t imagine putting myself through again, but it’s also something I can’t imagine not putting myself through. It’s so confusing,” she told TODAY Parents last summer. She also said that IVF was completely off the table as “it was really hard on my body and really hard on me emotionally.”

Amy’s never been one to shy away from the truth about pregnancy and motherhood and we wouldn’t expect that to ever change — nor would we want it to.

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