Amy Schumer Proves Moms Work Harder Than Anyone In This Puke-Filled Vid

Amy Schumer/Instagram

Amy Schumer continues to keep motherhood real by sharing a hilarious puke montage for her Emmy consideration campaign

Before she got pregnant, Amy Schumer kept it real about everything from dating and sex to just simply what’s it’s like to be a human woman. Now that she’s married and a mom, she’s made it more than clear that the truth train isn’t going to stop, or even slow down, just because she’s made a few more traditional choices.

Her new Netflix special, Growing, was filmed when the comedian was super pregnant with her son, and covers many of the darkly funny things about carrying a living thing in your uterus — and since her baby, Gene, was born a month ago, she’s been honest about everything from childbirth to being a working mom to pumping breast milk.

Like, extremely honest.

Now, as celebrities and shows begin releasing For Your Consideration videos and messages for the upcoming 2019 Emmys, Schumer’s campaign speaks deeply to any working mom who balances family and career. It also speak to the soul of any person who’s suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, the extreme morning sickness that followed Schumer through her pregnancy.

Content warning: puking. A lot of puking.

The video opens with a beautiful waterfall, which we won’t realize is sort of like a river throwing up for a few more seconds. Then we pan to Schumer, looking radiantly pregnant.

“Oh, hi. It’s me, Amy Schumer. I’m just staring at a waterfall, like you do when you’re pregnant,” she begins, with calm music soaring in the background. “I just wanted to say thank you so much for your consideration and I just really wish I could be out there. I couldn’t make it out to LA, for obvious reasons, but I want to wish all the comedians the best of luck. It’s a great pool this year, and I would say we all worked probably equally hard.”

The video then jarringly switches to a vomit montage (we didn’t think we’d be typing that phrase when we got up this morning). We see Amy barfing into a variety of bags and trashcans and toilets. We see Amy barfing in a variety cars and theaters and green rooms and gyms and waiting rooms. We see Amy barfing in sweatpants and cocktail dresses and hospital gowns.

We see her doing stand-up next to a trash can.

We see her getting hooked up to fluids in a hospital room.

We see her throwing up so hard she pops the blood vessels in her eyes.

And then we’re back to the waterfall.

“I really wish I could have been there, but I’ve just been so busy… Growing,” she concludes, referencing the amazing show she created during her illness.

(Which, by the way, you should watch if you haven’t already, because it’s hilarious.)

We are so here for Amy getting an Emmy nomination. Not just because she’s worked so hard, and not just because she’s shown the world how hard it is to be a mom and a comic (as opposed to be a guy who… just does comedy), but because she’s one of the best and funniest stand-up comedians out there and she deserves it.