Amy Schumer Says She's Done Posting Pics Of Her Son In Adorable Instagram Post

by Cassandra Stone
Amy Schumer/Instagram

Amy Schumer’s son looks adorable for Halloween, but it’s likely the last time we’ll see a pic of him

Amy Schumer has done it again — be prepared to die of Cuteness Overload at her son’s adorable and hilarious Halloween costume. The comedian and actress shared a series of photos of baby Gene looking extremely dapper (and very “get off my lawn,” TBH) on her Instagram page. She also revealed she’ll soon stop sharing photos of him on social media altogether.

The pics show Gene in full “old man” attire, right down to a grey-haired wig and mustachioed pacifier. “We are going to teach him to read the news,” she writes in the caption. “I’m not gonna post him anymore.”


She also used her platform of Baby Cuteness to shed light on what’s happening in Missouri right now — a Planned Parenthood scandal for the ages. You have to admit she’s pretty brilliant at using social media, no matter what she’s sharing.

The state of Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services apparently tracked the dates of women’s periods on a spreadsheet if they chose to terminate their pregnancy at a Planned Parenthood facility in St. Louis. The state’s menstruation-tracking program was revealed at a hearing held this week to determine whether the St. Louis Planned Parenthood location could continue to offer abortions.

According to the Kansas City Star, the spreadsheet “was based on medical records the investigator had access to during the state’s annual inspection, also included medical identification numbers, dates of medical procedures and the gestational ages of fetuses.” It was also created to discover “failed abortions” in order to prevent the state from renewing the clinic’s license. It’s yet another example of conservative politicians (primarily males) attempting to control and regulate the reproductive rights of people who can get pregnant.

Bravo to Amy Schumer for bringing attention to the horrifying news. But when it comes to seeing baby Gene grow up, we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t a little sad that we’re going to miss out on his photos.

She doesn’t explain what led her to that decision, but she follows the lead of many celebrity parents like Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Jennifer Garner, Lin Manuel-Miranda, Eva Mendez, and Ryan Gosling who choose to avoid sharing their children’s faces with the public.


Maybe if it’s for the greater good — like bringing attention to news stories that everyone needs to be aware of — she’ll keep sharing posts about Gene? We can only hope.