Amy Schumer's Son Gene Crashes Her Interview On 'The View'

by Madison Vanderberg
Amy Schumer's Son Crashes Her Interview On 'The View'
The View/Youtube

Amy Schumer’s son Gene makes a surprise appearance during an interview on The View

Amy Schumer isn’t one of those celebrity moms who hide their children’s faces on social media, but she’s certainly not giving us enough baby Gene content, as evidenced by the fact that I literally squealed in delight when her one-year-old son appeared onscreen during Schumer’s interview with The View this week.

Schumer Zoomed into The View to chat with Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, and Meghan McCain about her new HBO Max docuseries Expecting Amy (which is great, btw) when little Gene popped into the frame.

When Schumer’s interview continued after the commercial break, suddenly Gene was there! He babbled and cooed and waved at the ladies of The View for all of 15 seconds before finding something off-camera far more interesting.

After Gene scooted offscreen, Schumer talked to the show’s hosts about living in quarantine (she and husband Chris Fischer get along, so it’s great), sending kids back to school (if Gene was old enough, she wouldn’t do it) and why she made a docu-series about her difficult pregnancy. The three-hour docuseries uses footage that Schumer and Fischer filmed themselves while Schumer toured and filmed her Netflix special Growing. It’s a pretty radical look at her struggle with hyperemesis gravidarum and how she was constantly being hospitalized and vomiting all the time, all while trying to maintain her grueling work schedule.

“I thought it was a really strong display of… my pregnancy, and the hardships, and it’s not that cute, and not everyone’s wearing overalls with a cute handkerchief around their head like, painting the baby’s room,” Schumer says of her decision to film her pregnancy. “It’s actually really painful and you have to be really strong to go through it.”

Schumer says in the show that her decision to create the series was in reaction to the fact that she “resented” pregnant women for not sharing with her how hard it can be and told USA Today in a recent interview that even her lifelong friends shied away from conversations about the reality of pregnancy.


“All my friends have babies, but I hadn’t been exposed to how hard pregnancy is,” she says, revealing that the doc sparked candid conversations among her close pals. “It’s really kind of painful, personal, intimate stuff that we — who’ve been friends for 30 years — had never talked about,” Schumer told USA Today. “So, I hope this opens up a conversation for a lot more women.”

Now that Schumer is loving life with her little one, she tells the ladies of The View, she so “lucky” to have met her son. Awwww.