Amy Schumer Sends Trainer A Fake Cease And Desist After 'Extreme' Workout

by Cassandra Stone
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty and Amy Schumer/Instagram

Amy Schumer shared the hilarious story of threatening her trainer with legal action on her podcast

There’s typical pranking and trolling, and then there’s Amy Schumer levels of pranking and trolling. Our favorite comedian recently told the story of how she threatened her personal trainer with the long arm of the law — as a joke, but still — on her podcast. You’re gonna want to hear this, because it’s amazing.

During the season finale of her “3 Girls, 1 Keith” podcast, Amy Schumer shared a hilarious story about the time her personal trainer, AJ Fisher, made her endure workouts that were so intense, she took legal action. Seriously.

The episode, titled “Working on Fitness,” was all about — you guessed it — fitness and getting in shape. Fisher was one of the podcast’s guests for the episode. Schumer, who gave birth to her son Gene back in May, wasted no time reminding Fisher of how tough she is as a personal trainer: “AJ, our workouts were so hard that I threatened you near constantly.”


Fisher did, indeed, remember: “Lawsuits, and there was an official cease and desist letter.”

“I did have my lawyer, Isaac Dunham, send her a cease and desist,” she admitted. She also admitted to pranking Dunham in the past — she once bought a bunch of bench ads for his legal services without asking his permission. LOL. Amy Schumer’s real-life friends must live in perpetual fear of how she’ll “get” them, which is actually kind of awesome.

According to Schumer, her lawyer served her trainer with the full legal spiel: “We are the attorneys for Amy Schumer, an internationally known actress, comedian and high-profile public figure,” the cease and desist begins.


“It has come to our attention that while Ms. Schumer has engaged you to perform simple physical training for her, you have instead forced Ms. Schumer to perform extreme and unduly punishing physical exercises well outside the bounds of normal physical training.”

Fisher says she knew her pal was joking, but that the legal threat was so serious in the way it was presented, she couldn’t help but feel nervous at the slight chance it wasn’t all in good fun. “Amy told me after several of our sessions, ‘You will be hearing from my lawyer,'” she says on the podcast. “Like, without even saying bye. And then, when I finally heard from her lawyer, I opened the letter and I actually got goosebumps. I had a moment of, ‘Was she serious? Is my career totally over?'”


Honestly, raise your hand if you wish you had the financial resources and fortitude to prank any trainer you’ve ever had to endure in your entire life like this. The most I’ve ever taken part in was one of those free sessions you get with a gym membership and it was enough to “NOPE” me away from the gym for months at a time.

“Aj is an amazing trainer and is the reason I feel strong and good and have recovered from my herniated discs and c section,” Schumer clarifies in an Instagram post where she shares the actual cease and desist letter. “Was this is a wasteful use of resources? Very very much so but it brought me so much joy.”