Watch Anderson Cooper's Face As Trump Rally Plays 'Macho Man'

by Cassandra Stone
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You can pinpoint the exact moment Anderson Cooper’s soul exits his body

Everyone’s favorite CNN anchor, Anderson Cooper, has delivered an amazing content gem that you will want to watch repeatedly to brighten your day. During his show the other night, a video from Trump’s latest COVID bath — one of his not remotely socially distanced rallies — was the topic du jour, and the reporter at the scene of Patient Zero’s mass gathering is trying desperately to straight-report amid a ridiculous moment. And Anderson’s reaction is just pure gold.

It began when CNN reporter Gary Tuchman described the scene to Cooper, and what it was like interviewing Trump supporters who refused to wear a mask despite the fact that Trump was very recently infected with COVID-19 and despite the fact that there were a ridiculous amount of people in attendance who were not in any way complying with social distancing protocol. Oh and despite the fact that our very recently infected with COVID president had just tossed masks out into the crowd. That he touched. After very recently being infected with COVID.

Then, suddenly, in the background of the audio, the extremely recognizable notes of the song “Macho Man” by the Village People begin to play, and both men try so hard to continue their very serious reporting. But it’s clear that the song, a ridiculous anthem for a president who hasn’t so much as ever started a lawnmower, lifted a weight, or opened a can of beer — or any other stereotypical activity that many of his supporters would likely describe as “macho.”

If you stop giggling long enough to wipe the tears from your eyes, you can pinpoint the precise moment that Cooper’s soul exits his body as The Village People and The Trump People continue partying in the background — a mismatched pair of people as two sets of people could be.

But then, Trump and his ilk aren’t exactly known for being in touch with… anything, really.

Twitter users surely did not hesitate to point out the irony at work, here.


It’s amazing that absolutely no one involved with the campaign or even those attending the rally stopped to think, “hey, maybe a gay anthem isn’t a good look for us to use?” Even if it weren’t a very, very famous gay anthem, he is also… not macho? At all? But tell that to the people who love him and wave flags with his likeness superimposed on Rambo’s body. Sigh.

During a year when nothing is hilarious, we needed this. Thank you, Anderson.

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