Anime-niacs, Assemble! Dive Into Japanese Animation With 30+ Anime Jokes

by Simone Johnson
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Kôdansha/ Toei Animation

“Cute,” “real,” and even “confusing” are a few words used to describe anime. When it comes to this animation style, the stories are complex, and you can expect some serious character development. Anime protagonists aren’t like your regular Disney characters. For one, anime isn’t considered a cartoon but a higher form of Japanese art. Characters usually set out on a journey or mission to fix a problem, do the right thing, or save the world. The point is, there’s always a hero, and situations are definitely more dire than your run-of-the-mill animation. Anime can tackle topics that range from sweet hamsters on adorable adventures to stories about battles between heaven and hell. Anime gets real and sometimes characters die in graphic gunfights. Basically, Disney it is not. Occasionally it’s like a soap opera or a war movie. But its variety is why they’re beloved by both kids and adults alike. For every child who enjoys Pokémon, you can definitely find an adult who loves the series too. Anime is also known to keep a story going. The longest anime, Sazae-san, had over 7,500 episodes. (Try and binge that!)

And if you think that’s funny, wait until you see our list of jokes below. If you weren’t interested in anime before, you will be now! (We recommend starting with Spirited Away.) So, whether you’re a die-hard anime fan or just appreciate creative Japanese art, you can learn a lot from its stories and even the jokes below.

Anime Jokes

  1. What do you get when you cross a Sailor with a Cow?

Sailor Moo.

  1. What’s a chicken’s favorite anime?


  1. My friend is obsessed with anime.

You might say he is an anime-niac.

  1. What’s a Hawaiian squirrel’s favorite anime?

My Hero Macadamia (Nut).

  1. How many Dragon Ball Z characters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Just one, but it’ll take six episodes.

  1. What do Saiyans wear to the beach?


  1. What’s the difference between love and Naruto?

Naruto lasts forever.

  1. How do you get a Pokémon onto a school bus?

You poke-em-on!

  1. Where did Vegeta go after death?

Into the frieza.

  1. What did Yuri say when he won gold?


  1. What does Deku put on the walls during Christmas?


  1. What type of novels does L like?

Light Novel.

  1. What does Todoroki put in his coffee?

Half and half.

  1. What did Light say when he got found out?

Oh, shoot. Yagami this time.

  1. What did Ash say to Misty when she was saying the alphabet?

You missed-E.

  1. What did Kaneki say when Hide learned that he was a ghoul?

Oh, shiete.

  1. How did Lucy feel when she joined Fairy Tail?

Nat-su Grey-t!

  1. What do you tell an anime character that’s turned into a pigeon?

Go Coo.

  1. What do you call the anime bill of rights?

The Manga Carta.

  1. What’s a Titan’s favorite meal?


  1. Frieza is cool, but his brother is cooler.
  2. What is Wall-E’s favorite anime series?

It is Eva-ngelion.

  1. What would you call a French anime fan?

A Ouib.

  1. Why did Goku get into another fight with Vegeta?

Because he was Saiyan bad jokes.

  1. How do Elite Saiyan warriors react when they need to fix a car?

Nappa know-how.

  1. Why did the Dragon Ball Z fan fail to officially change his name to Goku?

Because he could not get to the final form.

  1. On which planet does Piccolo visit to relax?

He goes to Planet Hammock.

  1. Which Pokémon can see the future?

A pikahead.

  1. Which college do Pokémon go to?


  1. Which sci-fi movie do Pokémon like the most?

Staryu Wars.

  1. What is a Pokémon fan’s favorite place to go in France?


  1. A friend told me to stop filing taxes and go watch anime with him.

But this isn’t even my final form.

  1. I’ve been watching this anime about dentists.

But it’s been getting boring. I’m a little tired of the filler episodes.

  1. What is an anime watcher’s favorite number?

10 pi.

  1. What do you call the ghost of an anime fan?

A weeaboo.

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