160+ Magical Disney Character Names From Movies And TV

160+ Disney Character Names That’ll Bring Back Those Magical Memories

August 24, 2020 Updated April 15, 2021

disney character names

For a lot of people, Disney movies and TV shows were an integral part of their childhood. But for others, Disney movies and TV shows have continued to be a big part of their adult lives, too. How many times have you sat down with your little one to watch 101 Dalmatians? Again. For the third time in the same week, even? Watching Disney movies over and over just comes with the territory of being a mom. But remember, we were the same way as kids ourselves. And, as a parent, is there anything better than showing your child your favorite childhood Disney flick for the first time? (You know, other than, like, getting more than four hours of sleep in a night or using the bathroom without someone barging in. But anyway…) Just reading Disney character names on the back of DVD sleeves is enough motivation to make you plan a full-blown nostalgic movie marathon.

The point is, these magical moments are for both of you. Everyone’s childhood is different. But if there is one thing kids growing up can depend on, it’s for the enchanting world of Disney to whisk us all away to the bottom of the sea, the old streets of London, or a faraway kingdom. Now it’s our turn to show our kids the animation and stories they will remember for the rest of their lives. But more importantly, it’s our turn to watch these movies with them. Again and again and again.

And not only do we have favorite movies or cartoons — you probably have a favorite character (or eight), too. Whether you personally identified with a character (looking at you, Ariel, when you sing “Part of Your World”), had a crush on them (who among us hasn’t had an intimate dream about that British fox from Robin Hood?), wished they were your friend (Belle seems adventurous and well-read, but we’d have to have a serious chat about Stockholm Syndrome), loved to hate them (Yzma is up to no good, but also hilarious), or empathize with them (Ursula, you were misunderstood and will always be our queen), at this point, these beloved characters feel like family. Here are over 100 Disney character names that’ll bring those magic memories flooding back. Who knows, you might be inspired enough to add one of these to your baby name list.

disney character names

Best Disney Character Names

  1. Abby — Chicken Little
  2. Abigail — The Aristocats
  3. Abu — Aladdin
  4. Adelaide — The Aristocats 
  5. Adella — The Little Mermaid
  6. Akela The Jungle Book
  7. Aladdin Aladdin
  8. Alice Alice in Wonderland
  9. Amity — The Owl House
  10. Amos The Fox and the Hound
  11. Anastasia Cinderella
  12. Apollo Hercules
  13. Assistant Mayor Dawn Bellwether — Zootopia
  14. Arlo The Good Dinosaur
  15. Atka — Brother Bear 2
  16. Augustus — The Owl House
  17. Aurora Sleeping Beauty
  18. Babette — Beauty and the Beast
  19. Bagheera The Jungle Book
  20. Baloo The Jungle Book
  21. Bambi Bambi
  22. Banzai — The Lion King
  23. Baylene — Dinosaur
  24. Beaker — Muppet Babies
  25. Beatrice — Cinderella
  26. Beaver — Lady and the Tramp
  27. Belle Beauty and the Beast
  28. Bolt Bolt
  29. Boone — Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero
  30. Bruce Finding Nemo
  31. Buck — Home on the Range
  32. Bullseye Toy Story 2
  33. Bruni Frozen II
  34. Bruno — Cinderella
  35. Buster Lady and the Tramp
  36. Buzz Toy Story
  37. Captain Hook — Peter Pan
  38. Chief The Fox and the Hound
  39. Chien-Po — Mulan
  40. Chip — Beauty and the Beast
  41. Cinderella — Cinderella
  42. Cleo Pinocchio
  43. Coco Coco
  44. Copper The Fox and the Hound
  45. Count Frollo — The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  46. Cruella 101 Dalmatians
  47. Daisy Classic Disney cartoons
  48. Dante Coco
  49. Darla Finding Nemo
  50. Dewey — Mickey Mouse Universe
  51. Dinah — Alice in Wonderland
  52. Dodger Oliver & Company
  53. Donald — Mickey Mouse Universe
  54. Dopey Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  55. Dory Finding Nemo
  56. Drizella — Cinderella 
  57. Duchess The Aristocats
  58. Duey DuckTales
  59. Eeyore Winnie the Pooh
  60. Elsa Frozen
  61. Eric The Little Mermaid
  62. Esmeralda — The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  63. Evil Queen — Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
  64. Fa Zhou — Mulan
  65. Fairy Godmother — Cinderella
  66. Figaro Pinocchio
  67. Flit Pocahontas
  68. Flora Sleeping Beauty
  69. Flounder The Little Mermaid
  70. Flynn Tangled
  71. Gaston Beauty and the Beast
  72. Geppetto — Pinocchio
  73. Gideon — Pinocchio
  74. Goofy Classic Disney cartoons
  75. Hamm Toy Story
  76. Hei Hei Moana
  77. Hercules Hercules
  78. Hewey DuckTales
  79. Horace — 101 Dalmatians
  80. Imelda Coco
  81. Jane Tarzan
  82. Jaq — Cinderella 
  83. Jasmine Aladdin
  84. Jasper 101 Dalmatians
  85. Jessie Toy Story 2
  86. Jim Hawkins — Treasure Planet
  87. Jimmy Pinocchio
  88. John Smith — Pocahantas
  89. Kaa The Jungle Book
  90. Kessie Winnie the Pooh
  91. Kuzco — The Emperor’s New Groove
  92. Lady Lady and the Tramp
  93. Lady Kluck Robin Hood
  94. Li Shang — Mulan
  95. Lilo Lilo & Stitch
  96. Ling — Mulan
  97. Linguini Ratatouille
  98. Louie DuckTales
  99. Lucky 101 Dalmatians
  100. Mad Hatter — Alice in Wonderland
  101. March Hare — Alice in Wonderland
  102. Marlin Finding Nemo
  103. Maui Moana
  104. Max The Little Mermaid
  105. Meeko Pocahontas
  106. Merida Brave
  107. Merryweather — Sleeping Beauty
  108. Mickey Classic Disney cartoons
  109. Mim The Sword in the Stone
  110. Minnie Classic Disney cartoons
  111. Moana Moana
  112. Mowgli The Jungle Book
  113. Mrs. Potts — Beauty and the Beast
  114. Mufasa The Lion King
  115. Mulan Mulan
  116. Mushu Mulan
  117. Nala The Lion King
  118. Nana Peter Pan
  119. Naveen The Princess and the Frog
  120. Nemo Finding Nemo
  121. Nora — Pete’s Dragon
  122. Pacha — The Emperor’s New Groove
  123. Patch 101 Dalmatians
  124. Pegasus Hercules
  125. Perdita 101 Dalmatians
  126. Phoebus — The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  127. Pluto Classic Disney cartoons
  128. Pocahontas Pocahontas
  129. Pongo 101 Dalmatians
  130. Prudence — Cinderella 
  131. Pua Moana
  132. Pumbaa The Lion King
  133. Quasimodo — The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  134. Queen of Hearts — Alice in Wonderland
  135. Remy Ratatouille
  136. Rolly 101 Dalmatians
  137. Roo Winnie the Pooh
  138. Simba The Lion King
  139. Slink Toy Story
  140. Snow Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  141. Stella The Princess and the Frog
  142. Stitch Lilo & Stitch
  143. Tala — Moana
  144. Tamatoa — Moana
  145. Terk Tarzan
  146. ThumperBambi
  147. Tiana The Princess and the Frog
  148. Tigger Winnie the Pooh
  149. Timon The Lion King
  150. Tinker Bell Peter Pan
  151. Tito Oliver & Company
  152. Toby The Great Mouse Detective
  153. Tod The Fox and the Hound
  154. Triton — The Little Mermaid
  155. Tui — Moana
  156. Ursula The Little Mermaid
  157. Vixey The Fox and the Hound
  158. Wally 101 Dalmatians
  159. Willow Pocahontas
  160. Winnie Winnie the Pooh
  161. Woody Toy Story