5 Ways Dr. Brown’s Options+ Anti-Colic Bottles Will Save Your Sanity As A New Mom

5 Ways Dr. Brown’s Options+ Anti-Colic Bottles Will Save Your Sanity As A New Mom

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As much as motherhood is about love and snuggles, dry shampoo and rushed showers, it’s really about remaining calm under pressure. Motherhood is like opening a glitter bomb every day: always there, pretty sparkly, never gonna clean it up.

We’re not looking to find bliss, just inches of sanity. As a new mom, I can point to one thing I know for sure saved my sanity more than a few times: Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic bottles. Dr. Brown’s is the most recommended bottle by pediatricians, but more importantly by other parents — like my bestie who swears by them. But that’s because I bought them and she’s trusted me ever since we were 12.

So let me break down the five ways the Dr. Brown’s Options+ bottles are sanity affirming.

1. Your Tiny Human Will Cry Like a Baby, Not Scream Like a Banshee

Farts are funny. So are burps. But baby gas is the absolute worst. Mainly because it comes with the kind of red-faced, gaping mouth cries usually reserved for banshees. Babies are so vulnerable and needy, they can’t expel their own toots so all that gas turns painful. The internal vent system with Options+ delivers vacuum-free feeding that mimics breastfeeding. In each Options+ bottle, you’ll notice what looks like a green stem — it’s actually a vent tube and plays an important role in helping prevent the formation of milky air bubbles which means less air for your baby to swallow. And fewer baby air gulps mean a happier tummy and less banshee soothing.

2. You’ll Do Less Anxiety Googling

I’m not breaking any ground by saying that transitioning from breast to bottle comes with panic sweats and anxiety Googling. With Options+, the bottle has a new, wider nipple that mimics the real thing. Made of soft silicone that starts off flexible and then gradually firms, it’s a feature requested by moms and designed by Dr. Brown’s. Sure, it’s not actually the real thing, but you’re tiny human won’t know it — they’ll latch like you wouldn’t believe. Which is exactly how I feel about this garden burger I ate last week: so good it was almost real.

3. You Won’t See Your Pumping Life Flash Before Your Eyes

Pumped breast milk is precious. Like, “you see it spilling and your life spent pumping it flashes before you” precious. Which is why caps need to be locked down, righty-tighty. If you’re holding on with one hand, it’s a death grip. Of course, Dr. Brown’s gets us so they designed Options+ to be locked down but also opened with ease. Because yes we’re precious about what’s in the bottles, but we also need to be fast. Both the cap and the bottle neck now come with indents for one-hand power gripping and opening, and those tiny disks that come with the bottle? Don’t throw them out! They protect against leaks (just stick them under the nipple if you’re going to be traveling).

4. You’ll Have One Less Thing to Buy

Have you ever thought bottles should be like convertible cribs? Meaning the crib turns into a toddler bed and then into a twin with a headboard. Brilliant, right? Bottles should absolutely grow with your child because buying things at every new stage is 1) lame, 2) expensive, and 3) this is the 21st century. As your baby develops, so does Options+ — you can remove the vent tube as soon as your baby is past the colic phase or their tummy has developed a bit more. This is great for parents who lose things and are terrible with details. To be clear, I claim myself as a member of this group.

5. Literally The Best Reason Is Sleep

Did you know the way your baby eats may affect their sleep patterns? And, by extension, your lack of it. True story. With Options+, the internal vent system helps your baby latch more easily, cuts down on swallowing air and — this is the best part — aids in the kind of digestion necessary for a better night’s sleep. TAKE ALL OF OUR MONEY. I mean, seriously, this is where we should have started. Sleep is the most precious thing of all — more presh than pumped breast milk, finding money in your pocket, or smelling your baby’s head. Just kidding. Nothing is more precious than fresh baby heads. And sanity. We’ll do anything to keep just a smidge of it.

Dr. Brown’s is dedicated to providing well-designed, healthful feeding products for baby. These acclaimed products have won numerous consumer awards and accolades, including No. 1 best-selling bottle in America (Retail Unit Sales) and No. 1 bottle recommended by pediatricians in the U.S.  Learn more at www.drbrownsbaby.com.