Baby Archie Steals The Show In Harry And Meghan's Christmas Card

by Valerie Williams
Originally Published: 
The Queen's Commonwealth Trust/Twitter

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex probably could’ve sat out this year’s Christmas card — because little Archie is the real star

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor may only be a baby, but he’s already among our favorite royals, because look at him. Understandably, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (the Duke and Duchess of Sussex if you want to get fancy with titles) work to keep him mostly out of the limelight, living as normal a life as a royal baby can possibly live. Thankfully, they don’t totally hide him from the camera, because he’s pretty much the cutest thing going and the world loves to see him. We got a new look at his precious face when the couple released their 2019 holiday card, and it’s perfection.

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Thanks to The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, a charity of which Harry and Meghan are President and Vice-President, we got to see Archie’s sweet face — and his proud parents in the background in front of the Christmas tree. Honestly, they could’ve just let the little guy handle it on his own this year, because he’s fully ready to steal the show. All the shows. He’s way too adorable.

He’s closing in on eight months old, and it looks like the tiny royal is already getting his carpet cruise on — that’s the face of a very determined baby out to touch something he’s not supposed to. We love it.

The card is actually a gif, and there’s a note at the very bottom saying that Harry and Meghan chose to do an electronic card this year, which is very green and environmentally-friendly of them. Too bad a bunch of people are probably going to screenshot and print it out anyway because it’s just that cute.

Even though we rarely see Archie’s full face, the Duke and Duchess have made sure to let us in on some big moments in his first year of life. Like his christening.

For Mother’s Day, we got to see his tiny feet.

And Father’s Day brought us this sweet image of Archie clinging to his father’s finger. Our hearts.

As much as we respect the royals’ right to privacy, we totally delight in seeing these gorgeous babies as they grow up. We’ll take whatever peeks they’re comfortable giving.

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