Ashley Graham Gets Mom-Shamed By Trolls For Breast Pump Photo

by Cassandra Stone
Ashley Graham Mom-Shamed For Instagram Pumping Photo
Ashley Graham/Instagram

Many of the comments telling Ashley Graham to keep her breastfeeding “private” came from women — fun!

Because America is a faux Puritanical hellscape when it comes to human bodies and anything human bodies do, breastfeeding is still not “normalized” in 2020. And when new mom and model Ashley Graham recently shared a photo of herself using a breast pump, something most breastfeeding moms are intimately familiar with as part of their everyday routine, she was shamed for showing it. Sigh.

Graham shared the image a few days ago, showing what it’s like to “multi-task” while having a nursing infant and still trying to, you know, do things. Especially work.

“Breakfast of Champions,” she captioned the image. “Extra love to the multi-tasking mama’s club today as I check emails and pump.”

What should be an empowering image for any new mom out there seeing it was instead tainted by the Pearl-Clutching Paulines of the Instagram Comment Dungeon who are, of course, appalled at the sight of breasts doing the precise function that breasts exist to perform. (Everything else is just for funsies.) Of course some people shamed her for where her baby’s seat was placed too (it appears to be on top of a coffee table).

Ashley Graham/Instagram

LMAO. Didn’t know we were holding Ashley Graham to the same standards as members of the British Royal Family, but good to know.

Good LORD. This is simply too much.

Ashley Graham/Instagram

Awww so sorry it “creeped” this dude out. Not sorry actually. And no, pooping is nothing like pumping breastmilk. Cannot believe that has to be said.

Ashley Graham/Instagram

Aside from like, one or two creepy dudes, most of the people shaming her appear to be women! Imagine that. It’s like one giant advertisement for internalized misogyny and why therapy should be a free, attainable, (*cough* mandatory) service.

Ashley Graham/Instagram

While I can’t speak for Ashley Graham, but the only criticism I’d ever be willing to accept about my parenting choices is when something I’m doing unintentionally could potentially be unsafe for my children. But the breast pump thing? LOL no. Those bitter, bitchy, pretending-to-be-scandalized-because-of-their-own-issues can eff all the way off.

Now let this beautiful family enjoy their beautiful family-ness and mind ya business, Kommenting Karens. Some of us who are actively breastfeeding enjoy these types of photos from people of influence.