Ashley Graham Proudly Shows Off Her Post-Baby Stretch Marks

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Instagram/Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham proves that stretch marks are sexy in her first swimsuit photoshoot as a new mom

Photoshop? Pshh! Ashley Graham isn’t trying to hide anything. And why would she want to? As evidenced by the model mom’s new swimsuit photoshoot for her latest Swimsuits for All campaign, Graham goes to show that the changes made to our bodies by motherhood don’t need to be filtered.

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If you’ve spent any amount of time following Graham on social media, you know that size inclusivity and body positivity are her jam. And you know she’s been super-real throughout her pregnancy and postpartum journey. So, it makes sense Graham would participate in a swimsuit photoshoot only six months after welcoming son Isaac into the world — and insist that the photos reflect her real body.

“There’s always a question of what do you want us to retouch, and what do you want us to take out?” she recounted to People. “And I said, ‘Nothing,’ except from a clamp holding up the DIY backdrop. I want everybody to know genuinely… I want people to see who I am because everybody has a story.”

She elaborated, “A lot of women I speak to have image images, body issues around confidence. I want them to understand that we all have things that society has told us to cover up and why do we need to do that? So here I am with mine out and about and proud.”

Has Graham’s body changed since giving birth? Well, yeah. She grew a whole human inside of her and pushed it from her body a fully formed being (women are fucking incredible!). She’s embracing those changes.

“Now with a new postpartum body, I thought that things were going to feel different, and that they were going to look different, and they do, but it’s a newfound joy in that,” she explained, adding, “I’ve got more weight on me. I’ve got stretch marks. And in the beginning, I really had to have a lot of conversations and tell myself, ‘Okay, new body, new mindset.’ But after this photoshoot, I felt so empowered because I was like, ‘Yes. I look good. I feel good. This is my new mom bod.’”


And can we just say, daaaaamn, Mama! You are looking good. There’s nothing sexier than a woman at home in her own body. It goes without saying Graham wants other women to have that, too. “Some things I love: a cute bathing suit and a backyard shoot with the family! We’ve had such a great time making the most of this summer in Nebraska, and these suits have me feeling great for my first summer as a mommy,” she wrote on Instagram of her new size-inclusive collection.

In total, the new line contains 25 suits ranging in price from around $24 to around $88. “Thoughtfully constructed with stay-put fabric and no-quit elastic,” they come in sizes 4 to 24. So, yeah, from what we can tell they look pretty great. But by far, our favorite part of the campaign is Graham’s gorgeous attitude about her beautiful “new mom bod.”

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