Ashley Graham Announces TWINS In Cutest Insta Video Ever

by Valerie Williams
Ashley Graham/Instagram

Ashley Graham is expecting twin boys!

Have you ever excitedly squealed over a famous person’s pregnancy announcement? If not, you’re about to do exactly that while watching model and momma Ashley Graham share the surprise news that she’s pregnant with twins!

Graham took to Instagram to share an adorable video of herself and husband Justin Ervin finding out together that they’re pregnant. “I guess two confirmed tests mean that I’m pregnant,” she says in the shaky voice of every mom ever who just saw that second line pop up. Then, the super big surprise — freaking twins.

The video cuts to Graham and Ervin at an ultrasound where the tech rolls the wand over Graham’s bump and shares the news that the model is expecting not one, but TWO babies. “Is that twins…?” Graham asks, sounding a bit dazed. It sure is! The tech finds a penis and at first, Graham seems to think baby B might be a girl. Nope — another boy. “We’re gonna have THREE boys?” she squeals with Ervin in the background muttering, “You’re kidding me.”

The video makes it seem like the twin news possibly came along a bit late into the pregnancy considering the tech was able to find the sex of the babies shortly after dropping the twin bomb, but Graham hasn’t confirmed yet when the couple found out they were going to be a family of five instead of four.

Graham first shared that she was pregnant again in July 2021 after welcoming son Isaac in January 2020. She started hinting about wanting a second baby earlier this year with the model and body-positivity superstar telling WSJ Magazine in February, “I would get pregnant yesterday if I could,” adding “I’ve ‘accidentally’ had unprotected sex while I’m ovulating just to see if I can while I’m breastfeeding.”

Well, looks like it worked, times two.

Ever since sharing the news of her second pregnancy, Graham has gifted us with her usual brand of stunning photos that don’t hide her stretch marks and funny TikToks about her pregnancy Cheez-It cravings. She’s one of our very favorite celebrity moms because she doesn’t really hold back, and that means plenty of twin momma realness in our future.


Congrats to entire family!