Worst In-Laws Ever Refuse To Take DIL's Deadly Food Allergy Seriously

by Cassandra Stone
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Buckle up, because this woman’s in-laws really don’t seem to care if they kill her

Even if you have a good relationship with your in-laws, it probably took a little work to get there. Or, at the very least, there have been one or two things that have led to hurt feelings or a misunderstanding. Well, those types of mild but common in-law scenarios are not at all what this “Ask Polly” letter was about. Because one woman says her in-laws not only refuse to accommodate her food allergy, which is extremely deadly, but that they actively use the food in all of their cooking when she comes over for dinner.

The letter starts with an explanation of the letter writer’s allergy to mushrooms.

I have a very severe allergy to mushrooms. I carry an EpiPen, and I have been hospitalized multiple times because of exposure to this food. One time, I began convulsing in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. My husband politely explained this to his parents when we started dating, and I was invited to family meals.

Oddly, her in-laws didn’t seem too concerned that their son’s wife could literally die before their eyes if she consumed food that contains mushrooms. So unconcerned, in fact, that they found a way to incorporate mushrooms INTO EVERY DISH they’ve served since learning about the allergy.

One time, they made a point to make a special plate of mushrooms and pass it around. My mother-in-law said, very rudely, ‘I would’ve liked to add mushrooms directly to the salad, but SOMEBODY has problems with it!’ They even added mushroom powder to the mashed potatoes at one holiday dinner.

The letter writer says she has had to literally hold her breath when the mushrooms, a Murder Family staple, were passed in front of her at the table. Her husband has confirmed that he did not grow up eating mushrooms with the regularity his parents now apparently do — interesting, no?

When her husband confronted his parents, they still refused to keep the meals allergy-free when they were visiting. The sister-in-law has also lambasted the letter writer, accusing her of overreacting about it.

You know, as we all overreact about not wanting to die. Whew. In-laws, amiright?

The letter writer expresses sadness and frustration over this horrific matter, as anyone with sense of rationality and logic would. She says her in-laws refuse to see their grandkids and her husband’s siblings no longer have a relationship with them. All because their parents refuse to honor a simple request of not poisoning their daughter-in-law to death.

All in all, it’s a very stressful predicament to even read, let alone live through, and the entire internet is in the letter writer’s corner. Because this advice column really took a turn here.

As Heather Havrilesky, aka the “Polly” of “Ask Polly,” says in her extremely validating and justifiably bewildered response, the letter writer should feel exactly zero guilt in her “role” in the rift between her husband and his family: “Your in-laws are next-level, off-the-charts batshit. You’re not the cause of this rift. The cause of this rift is TRULY TERRIBLE HUMAN BEINGS.”

Polly also advises that she and her husband write them a letter, venting out their feelings, and then never look back again. “God only knows what brought them to this, but your only recourse is to stay the fuck away,” she says. “I just want to recommend that you take caution. You are dealing with some next-level sociopaths. You need to protect yourself accordingly.”

Preferably as far away from them and their mushroom-powdered mashed potatoes (which, what in the name of Karen’s Potato Salad even is that recipe??) as possible.

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