Get Your Man This Crop Top Because YOLO

by Valerie Williams
Image via ASOS

Get your husband a crop top because, why the heck not?

It’s a weird time for fashion, y’all. Between stiletto Crocs, clear-kneed jeans, and pre-dirtied jeans that cost an entire $425, it’s hard to know when a designer is being serious or totally trolling us. That’s why I’m saying YOLO and buying my husband this laughable strip of a crop top.


Image via ASOS

That’s right — UK fashion site ASOS is selling a crop top for men, and honestly, they’re right on time. The other night, I was breezing through my lord and savior Target with a few mom friends and we happened upon a display of crop tops — in the women’s section. Not the juniors section, but women’s. As in, marketed to people who may or may not have had several children and as such, wouldn’t wear a crop top if it were free.

Now, we don’t have to suffer this fashion indignity alone — we can force our husbands to join in. Like, smush your Dad Bod into this, darling. See how it feels.

Image via ASOS

It even looks nice from behind.

Image via ASOS

OK, maybe this model just looks nice in general. Moving along.

ASOS styles this little number with baggy black jeans but its versatility shouldn’t be underestimated. There’s no reason it can’t go under a suit jacket or be worn to the gym. Use your imagination, bros. We’ve had this shitty trend thrust upon us for decades — it’s your turn now.

The good news? It’s only $10. The bad news? It’s currently sold out, but like, I’m positive we can make our own out of a regular tank top and some 8th grade sewing skills. Let’s do this, ladies — it’s time.