25+ Beautiful Chinese Girl Names That Pay Homage To Your Heritage

25+ Chinese Girl Names So Pretty Your Heart Will Melt

Naming a baby is always a struggle. Many parents go into the delivery room still struggling to lock down the perfect moniker for their babe-on-the-way. In the Chinese culture — like in so many others —  new parents actually get a lot of help… though it can still be an arduous process. Why? Chinese tradition has parents work with astrologers to choose names for their children that work well with the sign they’re born under and its element. In Western culture, most babes are given three names — their first, middle and last names. Just like westerners look to capitalize on syllables and sounds that sound nice together. Similarly, Chinese naming traditions use a surname (written first) and are usually followed by two given names. As you may already know, writing in Chinese is an artform. Part of the naming process also requires that all three name symbols flow together harmoniously.

Of course, many Chinese-Americans are cut some slack on the traditional naming regimen. This is especially true if you’re combining two (or more) cultures. Still, if you have Chinese roots, you might be drawn to giving your sweet baby girl a name that represents and honors her heritage. We scoured our database and found some truly lovely Chinese girl names that would work well together or possibly blend well with a name from another culture. Whatever name you decide on, we’re sure she’ll grow into it perfectly. All babies do.