10 Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas That Are *Not* Chocolate Bars In A Diaper

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baby shower centerpiece ideas
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Planning a baby shower is no easy feat. As a matter of fact, if you’ve signed up to throw one for a friend or sister, you definitely deserve saint status. There’s finding the right timing for Mama, coordinating timing with all her friends (many of whom are probably strangers), figuring out which truly torturous games you’ll subject everyone to and, of course, decor. Even if you’ve already chosen the perfect theme, you might be stuck on centerpieces. Do you go floral? Balloons? Figure out a way to do something practical that the Mama can use afterwards? Then you also have to make it affordable and perhaps an easy DIY project.

It’s a tough choice — one made even more difficult when you start trying to factor in your theme or color scheme. There are a million little things that make planning any party feel like a nightmare. So with that in mind, we’ve curated a list of ten super easy baby shower centerpiece ideas that won’t squelch your joy.

1. Balloon Bouquets

Balloons are a classic! They’re festive, fun and (relatively) cheap. You can even have a party store put baby’s first stuffed animal(s) inside one of the balloons. It’s a simple, easy way to bring life to the table without spending a fortune.

2. Floral Arrangements

Flowers aren’t just for weddings. Mamas love flowers, too. Maybe you want to go for a wildflower look, to prepare your soon-to-be-mama friend for all the sweet little posies she’ll get from her babe. Daisies, which represent innocence, are another fine (and not terribly expensive) option, too.

3. Baby Supplies

Just like the diaper sculptures, anything that can double as a useful item once baby comes home, is perfection. You could divvy up a different item (think: Wipes, bottles, diapers, bibs) for each table and then bundle them up into a cute package. Or, wrap up pretty boxes in on-theme paper and ribbon and assign different guests one “extra” supply to fill the box at their table.

4. Diaper Sculptures

These days people are turning diapers into all kinds of creations: motorcycles, teddy bears, cakes, etc. Why not have a friend craft different diaper sculptures for each table. The bonus is that, after the shower, you can help Mama disassemble the centerpieces to save the diapers for that adorable baby bottom.

5. Mini-Cakes

You need something scrumptious to eat, anyway. Why not pop a small-er cake at the center of each table? If your friend is up to making the announcement, you could even do gender reveal cakes. Have each table cut into them at the same time. Or put dyed cupcakes on a platter in the center of each table and have each guest take a bite all at once.

6. Sweet, Sweet Succulents

Succulents are so trendy right now! Since most are green, they’re perfect for a gender neutral party. Plus, they’re easy to take care of and keep alive. You can pawn them off as game prizes or have a plan in place to give them all to the new mama. (Assuming she wants them and isn’t overwhelmed at the idea of keeping something else alive.)

7. A Cluster Of Treats

If individual cakes seem pricey, think smaller still. Anything that fits your theme and can be stacked on a cake plate or platter will be super cute. Cake pops. Truffles. Personalized cookies. With the right finesse, you can make anything serve as decoration… just ask your grandma’s dusty ficas.

8. Family Portraits

What did Mama look like as a baby? And Dada? Consider investing in some pretty frames and then framing pictures of the new mom and dad as babies and little kids. It’s a very personal touch and it will give everyone a hint at what the new bundle of joy might look like.

9. Baby Bottles

Or, ya know, just bedazzle a giant baby bottle. Why not?

10. Presents For Baby

Clothes don’t count! But, if you know that Mama is going to go heavy on Barbies or is extra excited to play with trucks, why not use some of those things as centerpieces?

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