10 Ways Baby Wipes Totally Save the Day (Pretty Much Every Day)

10 Ways Baby Wipes Totally Save the Day (Pretty Much Every Day)

kids making mess in kitchen
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Before kids, I lived a relatively clean life. Not to say I didn’t make messes from time to time, but nothing quite like the dirt and chaos that comes with kids. Now I’m a mess, my house is a mess, and my kids are a mess. Luckily for me, I discovered the secret weapon of hot-mess moms early on — baby wipes.

I know what you’re thinking, “Baby wipes are not a secret weapon, lady.”

But they totally are! Allow me to elaborate. When you first have a baby, baby wipes are just baby wipes, right? You use them to clean up diaper-related messes, and that’s about it. Then one day you find yourself reaching for a baby wipe to clean their little hands, then you’re cleaning up a milk spill, and before you even realize what happened, you’re detailing your car with them. You know it’s true, baby wipes are the most versatile tool on the planet.

Here are 10 unexpected and helpful uses for baby wipes:

1. If you have kids, you definitely have smudges all over your walls, doors, and appliances. Don’t worry, you’re just one baby wipe away from a smudge-free life. Well, until your kids walk down the hall or into the kitchen again.

2. Got company coming over? A quick once-over with a wipe will get those sticky spots off your countertops and table surfaces. BOOM, done. They’re also great for bathrooms — like every surface in the bathroom. If you have a boy, or are married to one, this tip is doubly important.

3. Listen, if cleaning your face with baby wipes is wrong, I don’t want to be right. WaterWipes are my fav, because the are soft, pure, and gentle. Made with 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract, they are perfect for sensitive skin of all kinds — not just baby’s!

4. Put a pack in your gym bag, because they are excellent for cleaning off your sweaty headphones as soon as you pop off the treadmill or elliptical machine. Seriously, those things get nasty without a wipe-down.

5. As I mentioned a minute ago, wipes are the best for detailing the inside of your car. Use them to wipe down the dash or clean that mystery weirdness out of the cup holder. Could be juice, could be part of a soggy cracker, who really knows?

6. I don’t dust, but apparently it’s a thing other people do. Baby wipes are ideal for dusting, and work especially well for cleaning dirt and debris off of houseplants. I mean, if you can keep them alive long enough to need dusting.

7. Keep a pack of WaterWipes by the door to clean your pet’s muddy paws when they come in from outdoors. Or let’s be honest, to grab that rogue dingleberry. Good thing pets are cute, because gross.

8. Motherhood doesn’t always allow time to visit the salon. So if you’re coloring your hair at home, baby wipes are a must for getting hair color off your skin, and removing nail polish that gets on the skin around your nails. Basically, you just need to put some wipes in your makeup bag.

9. Have you ever taken a close look at your kids’ toys? Most of them have some form of kid grime on them. It’s like a crusty combination of granola and childhood joy. Either way, wipes will fix that.

10. Throw a pack of wipes in the fridge or the cooler and use them to cool down on a hot day. Maybe give those sweaty bits a once-over to freshen up a bit.

See, you had no idea, right? Told you, secret weapon. Messes don’t stand a chance in the presence of a mom and some baby wipes. Keep a few packs around the house, in your purse, or in your car, and you will find yourself reaching for them time and time again, because they’re the easiest way to save the day, every day.

This post was created in partnership with WaterWipes. WaterWipes are made with 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract so they’re gentle enough for baby’s soft skin and watery enough for a fake shower if you must. Find out more at WaterWipes.com.