Apparently There's Going To Be A 'Bachelor' For Seniors

by Christina Marfice
There's Going To Be A 'Bachelor' For Seniors
Stewart Cook/ABC

Bachelor for seniors, please get on my TV right this minute

We’d understand if you missed it, considering it was Peter Weber’s Fantasy Suite episode and (as usual) the drama was off the chain. But at the start of a commercial break, halfway through The Bachelor, ABC aired in ad that was narrated in the unmistakable voice of one Chris Harrison.

“Looking for love in your golden years?” it said. “We’re looking for eligible seniors who want their shot at love.”

And just like that, Bachelor Nation Twitter stopped talking about Peter, Hannah Ann, Victoria, Madi, or any of this season’s drama. There’s apparently a new spin-off coming, and it’s like a mashup of The Bachelor we all know and love and have dedicated our Monday nights to for years, and the Golden Girls.

Has anyone ever had a better idea for a TV show than this? We would argue that no, they have not.

Details about this new show are scarce, but we know that ABC is looking for cast members now, which means we could theoretically have senior citizen Bachelor on our TV screens by the end of this year. Please, ABC gods and Our Father Chris Harrison, make this happen.

This wouldn’t be the only Bachelor spin-off coming to ABC this year. After Peter’s season (finally) wraps up, ABC is testing out a new, six-episode version of the show called “Listen to Your Heart,” which seems like it will combine a journey to find love with a singing competition a la American Idol or X-Factor. No, we don’t really get it either, but it premieres April 13, so we don’t have all that long to wait to find out what the show will actually be about.

We also have The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise right around the corner, which makes this an extremely ABC-heavy year already. But members of the Nation have always wished there was something to fill that time in the fall, between when Paradise ends and a new season of The Bachelor begins. Could a show aimed at couples in their golden years be what fills that void? We certainly hope so.