From The Confessional: Being Poor Is F*cking Exhausting

by Cassandra Stone

Not having money when it feels like everyone else has money is one of the toughest, most frustrating things in life.

There are many different variations of being poor, and all of them suck. Especially when you feel like you’re the only one you know personally who’s going through it. Everyone goes through milestones at different times, and when you feel behind financially it can swallow you whole.

Knowing that generational wealth and the opportunities that branch out from that aren’t anything you can control doesn’t make being poor suck any less, does it? NOPE. And these confessions are laying it all out there.

Tired of being poor. I don't even want that much in life.

Confessional #25835670

I’m so tired of being poor..barely making ends meet has aged me:(

Confessional #25824316

One of the worst (and least understood) things about being poor is the lack of choice. You can never choose something based on what you truly like and want... it's always based on what you can afford.

Confessional #25822143

I work too hard\too much to be this poor. Single sucks. Can’t afford anything on one income. Being poor makes me feel worthless

Confessional #25808645

It doesn’t matter how much or how often you work. It doesn’t matter how much you budget and pinch pennies. Sh*t is expensive and when you don’t have the money, you don’t have the money.

Being poor makes me so sad. I work full time and still don’t make enough to make ends meet. My adult kids seem to be following my footsteps. I’m sorry, i failed as a role model. I just can’t get ahead no matter what i do.

Confessional #25795047

Oh yay, we open presents tomorrow. I can hardly wait for the disappointment because I didn’t have the money for much. Pj pants, slippers, and sheets. Being poor is so heartbreaking.

Confessional #25762464

I was bullied at school for being poor and 20 years later that bully is homeless, karma is a bitch .

Confessional #25760893

I am a teacher. I love teaching but I am tired of being poor. Seriously considering doing sexwork on the side to help make ends meet.

Confessional #25751723

Raise your hand if you work full-time and also perform side hustles for extra money. See? It’s no wonder Americans are so ignorant about the world at large and so miserable. We don’t make enough money to travel, and when we do, we can’t f*cking get time off work to go somewhere.

Being poor is really hard. With kids in the mix makes it worse. Puke worthy worse.

Confessional #24189675

I just want to get my teeth fixed. I want my smile to match how I feel. Being poor is the fucking worst.

Confessional #24020364

H has gone from a professional white collar career to mowing lawns and we are almost destitute. Being poor just sucks the life right out of a person.

Confessional #22841965

Caught my 2 small DS trying to steal a toy from a store. I put it back thankfully no one else noticed. I hate being poor and having to say no all the time. Lectured them almost to the point of tears. I hope this gets better.

Confessional #22487222

Not having enough money to be able to do for your kids everything you want to do for your kids is heartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking and so stressful.

Being poor is hell. I cant pay our property taxes, trash bill, have our vehicle repaired, or take my dog to the vet (& she needs medication). I feel so worthless - I wish I would die.

Confessional #21001423

I have a love/hate relationship with holidays. I enjoy them or want to but honestly being poor makes holidays hard. I have been stressing about Halloween costumes for months and I'm now stressing about Christmas

Confessional #18140614

My daughter turns 16 on the 10th. Don't think I will have money to get her the game system she wants. FML I hate being poor :(

Confessional #18048408

I’m so tired of being poor. It doesn’t seem to matter what we do, there’s never enough money. I’m starting to wonder what is the point? Would almost rather be dead than live in this hell.

Confessional #17779637

Being poor sucks and no one who benefits from living in a capitalist system should invalidate that. Beign poor with kids sucks even harder. Can you be rich in love? Of course, and many families are even if things are tight. But love doesn’t pay the bills. Turns out money actually does solve most problems!