Best Choices For Baby's First Solid Foods

Best Choices For Baby’s First Solid Foods

Starting your baby on solid foods can be overwhelming, with everyone and their mother offering different (and sometimes ridiculous) advice. So, where should you start? Here are some tips for not going insane on your way into the world of solid foods…

• The texture of your baby’s first solid foods should be super creamy and smooth. If you’re one of those brave souls preparing your own baby food, make sure you strain, puree, or finely mash it, and then thin it with liquid if necessary.

• In the past, baby rice cereal was considered the best food to start with, although the American Academy of Pediatrics has now relaxed that to simply recommend any easily digestible foods. If you start with baby cereal, make sure to pick a single-grain variety and keep it simple. It may be tempting to sweeten the taste with mashed or creamed fruit, but your baby’s taste buds don’t need it, and you don’t want to start your baby off as a raging sugar-a-holic.

• Vegetables are also a good choice to start with, as they are generally nutritious and not likely to trigger allergies. Good options for first choices include sweet potatoes, carrots, and avocado. Avocado, of course, being the easiest and therefore the most highly Scary Mommy recommended.

• Fruits are fine, too. Yummy and easily-digestible first fruit options include bananas, applesauce, prunes, peaches, or pears. Yay for those apple sauces that come in a pouch. Lazy mom approved!

Note: Your aim should be to get your baby used to (and happy with) the taste and texture of a variety foods, and if you quickly mix the flavors together, you may never know which ones she actually likes and can tolerate well. Introduce one food at a time, so you can track if there’s a problem. Once a certain food gets the green light, you can start mixing that with new foods.