Best Insults, Good Roasts & Comebacks To Make You Laugh So Hard

These Funny Comebacks And Insults Are What Our Minds Are Really Made Of

best roasts, comebacks, insult jokes

Sometimes, life can take our minds to some pretty dark places. If you can dig up some humor while you’re there, you’re much better off! Next time someone pisses you off, concentrate on one of these funny comebacks until you just don’t give AF. Reminder: These insult jokes should be kept in your mind. Bullying and being mean isn’t cool, so try not to say these aloud unless you’re being roasted in return, too.

Read on to learn some of the best roasts and insults to get you through the day when you don’t feel like being as sweet as a Georgia peach:

1. Your baby is so ugly, you should have thrown it away and kept the stork.

2. You’re a grey sprinkle on a rainbow cupcake.

3. If your brain was dynamite, there wouldn’t be enough to blow your hat off.

4. You are more disappointing than an unsalted pretzel.

5. Light travels faster than sound which is why you seemed bright until you spoke.

6. We were happily married for one month, but unfortunately we’ve been married for 10 years.

7. Your kid is so ugly, he makes his Happy Meal cry.

8. Child, you have so many gaps in your teeth it looks like your tongue is in jail.

9. Your secrets are always safe with me. I never even listen when you tell me them.

10. I’ll never forget the first time we met. But I’ll keep trying.

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11. You’d think this baby was born on the highway since that’s where accidents happen.

12. I only take you everywhere I go just so I don’t have to kiss you goodbye.

13. Hold still. I’m trying to imagine you with personality.

14. Our kid must have gotten his brain from you! I still have mine.

15. Your face makes onions cry.

16. The only way my husband would ever get hurt during an activity is if the TV exploded.

17. You look so pretty. Not at all gross, today.

18. It’s impossible to underestimate you.

insults, best comebacks, good roasts

19. Her teeth were so bad she could eat an apple through a fence.

20. I’m not insulting you, I’m describing you.

21. Did you get a fine for littering when you dropped your baby off at daycare?

22. Keep rolling your eyes, you might eventually find a brain.

23. To teenage daughter: “Learn from my mistakes. Use birth control.”

24. You bring everyone so much joy, when you leave the room.

25. I thought of you today. It reminded me to take out the trash.

26. Don’t worry about me. Worry about your eyebrows.

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27. You are the human version of period cramps.

28. If you’re going to be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty.

29. You are like a cloud. When you disappear it’s a beautiful day.

30. I’d rather treat my baby’s diaper rash than have lunch with you.

31. Don’t worry, the first 40 years of childhood are always the hardest.

32. I may love to shop but I will never buy your bull.

33. I love what you’ve done with your hair. How do you get it to come out of your nostrils like that?

34. Your face is just fine but we’ll have to put a bag over that personality.

35. I’m not a nerd, I’m just smarter than you.

36. I forgot the world revolves around you. My apologies, how silly of me.


38. You’re the reason God created the middle finger.