Beyoncé Shares Rare Pics Of Twins & Selfie With Blue Ivy

by Christina Marfice

Beyoncé has kept her twins, Rumi and Sir, out of the spotlight, but just shared some rare pics from a family beach trip

It’s been more than three years since Beyoncé and Jay-Z welcomed their twins, Rumi and Sir, into the world. And in that time, the famous couple has kept their family life incredibly private, going to whatever lengths necessary to keep their twin son and daughter very much out of the public eye. Bey almost never posts photos of her younger kids, which makes it feel like all the more of a blessing that she just graced us all with two incredibly rare snaps of the twins on what looks to be a family beach trip.

Beyoncé shared a carousel of images to her Instagram on Wednesday night, showing off all her gorgeous kids, one by one. In the first photo, she and freshly minted Grammy winner Blue Ivy are making funny faces at the camera while wearing pairs of giant, colorful glasses. Blue is just as adorable as ever, naturally.

But the surprises come when you click through to the next photos in the post. If you didn’t know better, you’d think it’s an old photo of Blue — even from the back, they look like they’re probably identical. But it’s a shot of 3-year-old Rumi, dressed in a flowy, rainbow colored dress, stepping into the waves. Positively angelic.


It’s also the first photo we’ve seen of Rumi since July 2017, when Bey shared a photo of the then-one-month-old twins to debut them to the world.

The third photo in Wednesday’s post shows Bey holding hand with Blue at a table at Nobu, because if you’re Beyoncé you can just casually take your toddlers and small children to ultra chic Nobu for a weekday lunch. There are clearly no rules here.


But one more click, and the fourth photo is another surprise treat: A shot of Bey and Sir playing together in the waves. The tiny dude has his hair in what looks like an adorable mini bun, and even though this photo is also from behind and doesn’t show his face, we can just tell little Sir is every bit as gorgeous as his sisters.


Beyoncé and Jay Z were less private than this when Blue Ivy was very young, and because none of us can have nice things on the internet, the little girl received an onslaught of racist hate from the time she was a toddler. That’s likely a big part of why the couple is so private with Rumi and Sir, and although we love seeing these pics, we can’t blame Bey for keeping her babies mostly to herself.